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hara2326 - August 5

hey everyone i wanted to know if anyone has ever used a clear blue easy ovulation predictor kit? i just got one and i wanted to get other's opoions about the kit does it really work?


Tracy88 - August 5

It worked for me, but even better than that is the Clearblue monitor. I didn't like having to decide if the line I was seeing was dark enough to indicate ovulation, and was sometimes confused and frustrated, so we bought the monitor, and it is awesome. I am being monitored by my doctor this cycle and was supposed to go in on Thursday for an Ultrasound (ovulation) but my monitor picked up a surge on Tuesday, so I called the doc and went in for the U/S and the monitor was right on target. I was about to ovulate. I had a 20mm follicle on the right, and I ovulated within the next 24 hours. I could feel it. I'm not sure I would have had such an accurate response from an OPK. I might have sat there wondering what the line was telling me and wasted the chance of seeing the follicle about to rupture.


wannabeamom - August 5

Hi hara, I am satisfied with my monitor. But now I do BBT and sometimes will use other opk's along with it. I may be overdoing it, but after 4 years, I think I am starting to lose it! LOL! You should also ckeck you cervical mucous. Not my favorite project but it helps you know more about your fertility.GL I hope you get your BFP soon!


newmommy - August 5

Does anyone know why the monitor has to use FMU, but the opk's suggest that you DON'T use fmu???



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