Opinions on my sperm recipe, please...
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Lin - October 14

Hi ladies. After some investigation, I've come up with a recipe to try to help my dh's sperm quality. His count and motility are right on the line for normal (20 mil & 50%), but his morphology is very, very low (only 1%). The doc suggested that we try Fertility Blend for Men and see how that helps him before the next SA in a couple weeks. I'd be interested in hearing what others with experience with similar suppliment regimens might have to say about the dosages we're using and what we might want to increase or decrease. In the Fertility Blend that he's already taking, he's getting as a daily dosage: 480mg C, 600IU E, 8mg B-6, 24mcg B-12, 1600mcg Folate, 60mg Zinc and 280mcg Selenium plus an unknown quantity of L-Carnitine (part of a 900mg blend of L-Carnitine, Green Tea and Dong Quai). In addition to this I've added 500mg C, 200IU E, 200mg Coenzyme Q10, 1200mg Fish, Flax & Borage (Omegas 3-6-9), 1000mcg B-12, 100mg B-6, 1000mg L-Arginine, 500mg L-Carnitine, 20mg Lycopene and 60mg Pycnogenol (supposed to be great for improving morphology). He wasn't incredibly happy with the number of pills, but it sure beats the hell out of $25,000 worth of IVF. So, does anyone have any suggestions for changes to that regimen?


Lin - October 15



Shauna - October 15

Hey Lin, My dh has low sa and low mobiliy and the fertility blend didnt help at all on the last test but we are continuing it. There is some not so nice stuff going around about you. You might want to log in under a diff. name. I am not personally mad or upset with you but I just wanted to let you know that you are well known even on other sites that I go to. I dont judge. Good luck with you TTC journey.


Lin - October 15

Hi Shauna. Thanks for your input. Based on the studies I've looked at, I personally don't think that the quantities in the Fertility Blend are sufficient on their own, which is why I've supplemented them with additional dosages. As for the rumors, there are a couple people on the board who have made some gross assumptions about me, and it doesn't surprise me that such hateful people spread rumors. To be perfectly honest, I don't care. It doesn't make any difference in my life. If someone is so petty that they can't answer an innocuous question because they're believed some rumors that someone else spread, then their opnion probably isn't worth hearing anyway.


Shauna - October 15

I am glad you realize that I am not judging you and have told other persons on my sites that it is sooooo hard to be understood sometimes online, the tone of voice is lost via the internet. I also replied to your question about telling friends or family that you are pg or not....I think it got removed tho due to the F words used so often on it. If I was TTC and I knew that one of my friends was struggling with it, I would tell them right away that we are trying so that it is not a big surprise. Good luck with the vitamins.


Lin - October 15

Thanks very much. And thanks for being one of the rare few who recognizes the ambiguity of the written word.


Lin - October 16

Bumpity bump.


TOGIRL - October 17

did you conceive shauna with fertility blend?


Shauna - October 17

Hi TOGIRL, Nope...didnt get pg. My dh's count is still really low...11.2 m/mill at the last test. He had a varicocelectomy in March so we will see if it made a difference soon. Thanx for asking.



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