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Tinkerbell-Tink - August 8

Can anyone tell me if there are any adoption support boards here? We are an adoptive family that has gone through 16 years of infertility treatments and have been blessed by open adoption. We are wishing to connect with other adoptive families. Thank you :) Blowing baby dust on all of my fertility sisters :)


Tinkerbell-Tink - August 9

>bump please?


slowpoke01 - August 9

tinkerbell i havent seen any maybe we should contact the site and make a suggestion for an adoption board for this site


slowpoke01 - August 11

tinkerbell- have you had any luck finding an adoption message board i contacted the site and asked them to start one so maybe if other people contact them too then you will get an adoption board. hope everything works out for you.


Tinkerbell-Tink - August 13

Thank you slowpoke :) I have contacted them a few times over the past year :)


1moretime - August 21

Hi Tinkerbell - My husband and I have been blessed by open adoption as well. We are currently waiting (trying to be patiently waiting I might add!!) for Baby #2. Your website is awesome - what a beautiful family you have!


1moretime - August 22




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