Only 1 period after miscarriage 4 months ago
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nanavm - January 13

I had a miscarriage in early September 2005 at 6 weeks and have since had only one regular period 28 days later in early October. Since then, I had two occurrences of spotting (brownish and sometimes red) for 3-4 days each time. But neither had the flow of a regular period. Both times were in November. No sign of period or spotting in all of December or so far in January. I did a hpt, negative. What is going on? Has anyone had anything similar. My hubby and I really want a baby...not knowing when to expect a period or whether I am even ovulating is so frustrating. I always had very regular periods before the miscarriage. Any insight is very much appreciated. Thank you.


michelle - January 18

i am in a similar boat mc on october longweekend and i was told not to ttc until periods got back to normal, well last week i went for blood test to see if i am ovulating as my periods have not been real p[eriods lasting only 1/2 a day and every 25 days. it seems i am ovualting and this is now normal for a little while. go to the doctors and ask to get your hormone levels checked as if they have not returned to normal yet they can give you something to help you out. good luck.


nanavm - January 19

Thank you Michelle. Still no period, I made an appointment for next week. What specifically should I be looking for in my hormone levels to make sure I am ovulating?


michelle - January 19

nanavm i'm not sure but your doctor will know. all i know is that they tested my levels and could tell from them that i am ovulating, which means now we can start to ttc again. but it still may take a while . i wish i could tell you more but i cannot. i do know they said that if i was not ovulating they could help by different types of treatment i felt that it is better to find our sooner then later.

good luck



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