Only .1 F temp shift above coverline, progesterone supplemen
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katyajini - December 20

Hi Ladies,
This is my first cycle of temp charting. I had a clear deep dip in temp around ovulationthat shot up by .7 F and was confirmed at around the same time with OPK and salivary microscope. (However I didn't have great fertile quality CM, but some wet quality CM was there). This is my concern: though my temperature has made a shift up and is remaining up it is above the cover line by only .1 F for 3 days and .2 F for 2 days. I have heard this is because of low progesterone and low P. can hinder pregnancy acheivment. Are small shifts avove coverline due to low P.? I do have reason to believe that my progesterone levels may be low.
I have some progesterone suppositories. Can I take them anyway to help with a desired pregnancy? What kind of temp shift will the additional P. cause? In the event that there is no pregnancy will I begin to bleed anyway or I will bleed only after stopping the P. ?
Thanks for any answers you may have!



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