on fertility meds and brown discharge Cd25 ... please help
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andy - July 21

hi ... please I need your help ... I ´m on ovulation meds (fsh shot and Hcg shots , and progesterone pills ) the thing is thst my periods are regularly 29-30 days , but now for 2 days since CD25 , I´ve been having a brown discharge .... is it normal for my first month of meds or af is just coming ???


whynotme - July 21

I have the same thing every cycle on meds. First comes the brown stuff and then af. Hope that helps.


cspears99 - July 21

Hi Andy I didn't have the brown discharge until my second cycle and then I got my a/f the next day, sorry but you never know lots of things I read talked about that being the implantation, good luck!!


andy - July 21

thanks ... that is how my normal cicle comes ... first the brown thing and then 10-12 hours later af ... but now it is 48 hours later


whynotme - July 21

Frustrating isn't it!!!!!


cspears99 - July 21

very!!! have you taken a test yet?? oh maybe thats a good sign then, good luck let me know. :-)


mommy2josh - July 22

Andy, it could be left over blood after implantation or it could be something else. On my second round of clomid I got my BPF only to start spotting brown stuff that same day. Brown turned to red back to brown and so on. I miscarried 5 days later. Please take a test so you will know.


andy - July 22

I will test tomorrow morning , it will be Cd28 ... I hope BFP +++++++ , oh my God , please help me .... the thing is I don´t even believe in hpg test , but I don´t wanna do the blood test till monday , so I won´t get a false negative ... you understand we can handel hpg test - ... but blood , nooooo that´s too painfull !!!


andy - July 22

++++++ blood positive ... really can´t believe it ( very faint line in home pg tst) but went for the blood and got a +++++++ ++++++ ... THANk YOU GOD THANK YOU !!!! I´m really scared about loosing this baby ( I had a M7c in Dec ) and I couldn´t handle it again !!!!! I told them to make it also quantitative and I got 110 ( very low ) but tghe number to compare doesn´t start till 5w (1000 and up ) and I´m only 3w6w !!!!! but happy happy happy !!! last time (dec) my quantitative was 28 ant 5w2d so at least I´m better now ...... I´m so sacred but so thankfull !!!! Who will believe it ... got pg on meds on 1st try !!!!! Baby dust to all !!!


slowpoke01 - July 23

andy do you use progesterone cream i have read alot of women say that they use it and that it prevents m/c and you can buy it iver the counter


andy - July 23

I´m taking pills , hope its the same : ) 300mg daily



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