On day 36- no sign of AF?!?!
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waitinforalittleone - March 19

I started on clomid, estradiol, and prochieve gel this past month and usually my cycles are 29-31 days, 33 was the latest ever and I am currently on day 36 with minor cramping for the past few days but still no AF - taken a total of five tests from day 29 till today every other day but all BFN! I do not understand what is going on- I have had regular cycles since I started when I was 12- they have never changed- I am going to call my MD tommorrow and schedule an appt. but i can't stop thinking about it- i have read that sometimes you will have to take medicine to bring your period on while on clomid- why is that when they were already normal or am I pg- last night i got a little nauseated whil eating dinner but that has been it besides the cramping? please help!!


waitinforalittleone - March 20

help please!!!!!


Mega - March 20

It's hard to tell really. I mean PG is definitely as possiblity still despite your BFN HPTs. I'm glad you're calling your dr, a beta blood test is certainly warrented & more reliable than HPTs, typcially. Of course I don't want to give you false hope either, however since your cycles are normally quite regular there's reason to be optimistic. Good luck & keep us posted.


waitinforalittleone - March 20

The doc has put me on provera starting today but i just don't understand why i didn't have a period when before i had clockwork cycles and ovulated every month!! please help - maybe somone knows about this situation!!



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