On Clomid- how often do we have sex?
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Amy - June 9

I was wondering what your docs told you about having sex. Like every other day, every day, and how many times? My doc told me to have sex asap following a positive ovulation test, and then every other day.


For Amy - June 12

Hello. my doc told me to have sex every other day 3-10 days after my last pill of clomid. each doc will tell you something different. But the nurse at the docs office gave me the best advice i could ask for... she said " dont concentrate so much on when to have sex, just concentrate on the making love and have fun while doing it. She said make love as ofter as possible and just relax and enjoy. "
hope this helps. I noticed no one responed so i thought i would let ya know what i knew. take care and feel free to write. [email protected]


kim - June 12

Thanks so much for the responce! I have seen docs tell everyone different, so you know- you don't want to have to go through this more than you have too. :)



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