On clomid and have a question
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jennifer28 - January 19

Does anyone now how big and how many follicles have to be in order to get pregnant? Thank you so much! Jennifer


Ann - January 19

You only need one, and the drs are different. My dr prefers over 20mm.


MuzikGurl - January 20

how can you get the dr. to look at your follicles and tell you if they are good or not? I have been dignoise with PCOS and I know I have cysts on my right side but not on the left. But, that's all the drs. have told me...I am starting on Clomid in Feb. and just curious on it...if there was something wrong with them as far as mine you think the dr. would have told me already? Do you think he already looked at them when I've had ultrsounds and trans/v ultrasounds? new at this and wondeirng..thanks.


jennifer28 - January 20

Thanks girls! I ended up calling my doc and she said that I had 5 follicles but only 2 were mature enough to be fertilized, one of them was 18m and the other was 21mm.


isa - January 20

For MuzikGurl -they can tell the size of the follies from ultrasounds (u/s) but if your asking how to tell if the eggs are good or not the only way to see is from ivf when they actually remove the eggs in a retrieval process and look at them in a microscope. Re the cysts, depending on what type they are they may or may not cause problems. I had 4 follicular cysts and they caused a 39 day cycle and a cd 29 ovulation (I am normally fairly regular 13/14 day ovulation) but they went away on their own during that long cycle and we are able to proceed with iui's again. There are other cysts thou that can burst and I hear they are very painful so it all depends on what type you have and that may /maynot affect your cycles and may/maynot affect your ttc. For Jennifer 28 dont forget each day your follies grow about 2mm so you may luck out and get another before you ovulate.


jennifer28 - January 20

Isa: I ovulated at the beginning of this week and Im going for a blood test next Thursday to see if Im preggo.



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