On Clomid...missed period, but negative HPT
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sril - September 18

hi fungirl,sorry for late reply..All the best for u.Definitely will pray to god for u.I had LH surge on 20th day.I had my progesterone test done on 29th day .But my doc says it is very low 0.8.Ovulation has not occured.How could it be possible ?i had a surge but low progesterone.That means did i ovulate or not ?do u have any idea about this?My AF is due today.But i dont find any AF signs..Doc told me to do pregnancy test.I have to do it on sat 20th sep.Wish me luck..How about u?anything +++?


fungirl - September 20

hi sril, hmm well i dont have any idea about it. But i guess this happened with me as well maybe bcoz of this i didnt get AF naturally. My AF is due on 23rd sep and i have an appointment with doc on 24th sep so lets see what happens........ i am having alot pain in my back just like i have in AF so hopefully i will get AF naturally anyways Best of luck to u i hope ur pregnancy test will be + do let me know what's the result of ur pregnancy test...... Tc and best of luck again.....


tanya2525 - September 23

Hi all, i am new to this forum and also i am on the Clomid as well for 2 cycle. I did definitely ovulated on first cycle but i did not get pregnant. Now i have finished the 2 cycle and just waiting for period or for pregnancy, i am soooooooooo dissapointed. My period is late (4 days) this month and i have some abdomen pain plus a really light pink tinge of blood. I though i am already pregnant but the pain starts today so, i think the period is coming.
My doctor told me that while taking a Clomid your period will be more regularly bcouze i have PCOS my period was iregular each month. I'm trying for a baby about 1.5 year and still nothing. I have to take Clomid for next 4 months and i still hope to get preagnant soon. Has anyoane has a PCOS???????????? I REALLY WANT TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THIS AND HOW TO GET PREGNANT, IS ANYOANE GET PREGNANT WITH PCOS???

Thanks a lot and baby dust to all of you


fungirl - September 26

hi tanya, how u doing? i am also diagonased with PCOS. i have completed 3 cycles of clomid and still my periods are not regular nor i become pregnant. i am trying to get pregnant from last 7 months but still no luck in that... My period is late 2 days this month i took pregnancy test and it comes negative so i am not pregnant . my doc asked me to wait for 1 week for my periods to come naturally as i am having back and abdomen pain from last 2 weeks and if i will not get periods in 1 week then i have to take provera to induce periods and then on 5th day i have to take 4th cycle of clomid.......... i know its very disappointed and frustrating i am also goign through this and trust me it sucks........ u feel very hopeless .......... i wish u good luck and baby dust to u too.....


harleyq - September 30

Hy gals,
I am in a similar boat to you all. I have PCOS, l had a son (now 19 months) on clomid first try... l had taken provera to initiate AF.

I am on my first cycle of clomid, CD28, and like many others was certain l was UTD as l had so many symptoms, however the doc said my progesterone levels were too low so l couldn't have ovulated - there goes my theory... don't know what the levels were so will ask. I have been spotting for the last 5 days (6th today) - so completely unsure what to do now... have put a call to my doc to ask. I just want to get on with next month.

Anybody know if you can ovulate as late as day 24?

Anyway, l guess we should all take heart, clomid does work - l am living proof... just wish it wouldn't play havoc with our emotions as it does.


fungirl - September 30

hey guys, as u know i also have PCOS i am supposed to have AF on 23rd but its 29th now and i dont have AF till now. my doc said that if i dont get AF till 1st oct then i have to take provera again to initiate AF. this will be my 4th cycle of clomid sometimes i wonder that is clomid working or not??? i do ovulated last month and i am also having back pain but still no AF. i am also having symptoms like nausea, tiredness but my pregnancy test comes negative on 23rd sep. well, i am just hoping for best this month i hope this time i will not face disappointment :( its really frustrating when ur pregnancy test comes negative..... best of luck to u all as well..... baby dust to u all and me .... take care all


fungirl - September 30

hey sril, what abt u? any progress?????


sril - October 5

hi fungirl, no periods yet...Negative pregnancy test..My period was due on sep 18.


-becca-29 - October 5

Hi, All
I've been married for 4 years and have been trying for about 3 years. I'm on my first round of clomid and I'm now 6 days late. I always have a 28 day cycle. Can clomid mess your cycle up? The first day late was day 29 and I took the HPT and it was negative. I took it again today and still negative. Could I still be pregnant? Breast hurt and cramps. My doctor did a progesterone test on day 22 and it was only a 4. He said that I need to be at a 10 but 3 is low. The doctor suggest I wait a full 7 days to test again.
I feel like a test rat at this time I have had every test you can think of even as far as exploratory surgery and nothing found. This is the first time that I had a 4 on progesterone test. My husband has had a few test and they have found nothing wrong.
Baby dust to all.


fungirl - October 5

hi sril, hmm same here. my periods was due on sep 23 but i didnt get AF and my pregnancy test also comes negative.... so now i am taking provera again today is the 5th and last day of provera...... i just hope this time there will be some good news...... baby dust to all...


sril - October 5

Hi becca, First u should know whether u have ovulated or not.If u have ovulated u must either get periods or could be pregnant.If u have not ovulated your AFcould mess up due to clomid.And i think if progesterone level is 3 u might have not ovulated.I got pregnant with my first child on 100mg clomid.So donot lose hopes.Just keep trying.All the best.Baby dust to all


-becca-29 - October 6

Hey SRIL Thanks for the word of hope. I just got AF and so I start my second round. My OB up me to 100mg of clomid and started me on 500mg of Glucophage to get my progesterone up. I hope this works.

I wish everyone the best of luck. This is so hard to go through alone and I'm so glad I found these forums.


HannahR - October 11

Hi -becca-29
I'm sorry you are going threw this i hope you get your baby soon, I'm so glad i found these forums as well me and my husband have been married for 2years and have been trying to conceive for a year, i am getting ready to start my first dose of clomid, did you get experience any side affects?


tanya2525 - October 12

Hi girls, i am here with all of you again. "FUNGIRL" i want to thank you for your reply :).
I am on the 3rd cycle with clomid. I have decided this month to do an ovulating test to make sure that i have ovulated. You know what? My doctor says to me that womens with PCOS don't have to use ovulating tests bcouse that test do not work with womens who suffers with PCOS. (SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH :))))
So, this month i did deffinetly ovulate, ov. test shows me a smile :).
How can we treat PCOS??? ANY IDEAS???
I don't want to let it for the rest of my life, i want to fight with it.
All i know is to get a right diet and to do regullar exsercise (2-3 times per week)
I have at the moment 61 kg and i think i don't have to lose some weght bcause i am normal like that. My advice to all of you, to womens who have extra weght, just try to srop down some kg, this will help you to ovulate.
I know that Clomid does work with me, but i think there should be some problems with my boyfriend. If i will not get pregnant this month we will do a spermogram. That's it for now.
Best wishes.


-becca-29 - October 13

HannahR : I have had the headaches, sore breast, cramping and even some blurred vision. I know its sounds bad but the vision and headaches normally on last the first few days. The cramping and breast started about 2 1/2 weeks before my period. I was also 7 days late and have never went past 28 days


VictoriaLC - October 18

Hello All,

I was diagnosed wit endometriosis July of 2007. I had laparoscopic surgery in October of the same year. After the surgery was put of a prescription drug called Lupron to ensure that any little cyst were kept dormant. The Lupron medication stopped my AF and I did not have a period until May of 2008. In that month I started Clomid, 50mg on days 5 to 9. After four cycles, I still was not pregnant. I back to my doctor and he increased my intake of Clomid to 100mg on days 5 to 9. I took 100mg in September 2008 and waited. I did not receive any period this month. I went back to the doctor again and told him my AF has not arrived. I took two hpt and two at the doc. All came up negative. He has not started me on Provera to bring AF back. So I can start cycle six of Clomid. I hope I get pregnant soon. It is so heartbreaking each month seeing AF come. I hope the best for everyone.



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