On Clomid...missed period, but negative HPT
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Tracy88 - July 24

I'm sorry AF played such mind games with you this cycle. My older sister took clomid and it worked for her on her second cycle, so when I felt the bloating, cramps, sore boobs, indigestion, etc....I thought for sure it had worked for me too. The worst part was the late periods. That really messed with my mind. So, when the first cycle didn't work for me, I was SURE the second one would, I mean, it worked for my sister, right? It went like this for three months until finally my body couldn't stand that drug anymore. I was emotionally and physically exhausted. It made me feel horrible, I gained 12 pounds, and obviously it wasn't working for me. That's when I moved to my new doctor. He is also an OB who specializes in Infertility. When I told him I have painful periods, and they saw a fibroid during a routine ultrasound, he recommended doing a laparoscopy. I had that done two weeks ago. No wonder clomid didn't work for me.....there was a lot going on in there. He cleaned house and I am now good to go! So, this cycle, which should start any day now, I will be TTC naturally, but will be monitored so the doc sees how my body works on its own. If I don't get PG this cycle, then we will move to injectables in September. I don't recommend doing anything else until you see that other doctor. You are soooo lucky that you have an appointment so soon! I waited for a month to get into see mine. I started seeing this doctor in May, had a sono in June, and just had the lap in July (had to wait a month for that too). It seems like I just took 3 months off, but when I look back, I'm glad I had it worked out the way it did, because he awesome and did such a great job with the laparoscopy. I feel ready to try again. I spotted last night, thought for sure AF would be here when I woke up this morning, but it seems this month is going to play games with me since I had the lap done. Anyway, that is where I stand, and I want to hear everything the doc says to you tomorrow ok?


Tracy88 - July 24

Five sentences from the bottom my spelling and stuff gets bad. Sorry....words were left out too, OOPS!!!


kclarkadpi - July 25

Well, it seems to me like my appointment was pretty useless. He said that it's not THAT unusual to start AF in the middle of a course of provera; it just doesn't happen often. So, that I started the Clomid was okay. He said that it sounds like I'm classic PCOS. He said to give it another month on clomid, and then if I'm not pg, on CD3 next time to go get blood work done and he'll put me on glucophage (sp?) to help with the PCOS. He also said to lose 20 lbs (bast**d!). Anyway, he didn't even run any tests or do an exam. We just went in his office. So, I guess for now, I'm just on my own this month waiting to see if the Clomid makes me ovulate. He didn't even suggest a 21day blood draw like I expected.
Let me know how it goes this month when you finally get AF. Hopefully this month you'll be okay on your own...I can't imagine to have to go through injectibles. The pills screw with my hormones enough as is (Although this month on Clomid I"m not getting the unbearable hot flashes like I had last month). I'm on CD7 now, so it's just a waiting and BD game!
Are you TTC#1 or do you have kids already?


kclarkadpi - August 17

I don't know if anyone is still watching this thread, but it used to frustrate me when I wouldn't find out what happened with people. So, here goes. After the provera and the 2nd round of clomid, I got a BFP! I took a test because I missed my period by one day (just took it on a whim). It was faintly positive, so 2 tests later, I went and got a blood test, and it was positive. Oddly enough, this was what it took to conceive my daughter...the clomid alone didn't work. I took provera to induce a period back then, too, and THEN got pregnant off the clomid. Best of luck to everyone!


Mega - August 17

Wonderful news, kclarkadpi! Congrats! on the BFP. Have a healthy, happy 9 months! And thanks for the update, it's always nice to hear what happened. Sounds like you've found your "magic" drug combo for getting pg!


TAM25 - October 26

Hello, I have some q's about clomid and the hcg shot right before you ovulate. I have been on clomid for 5 cycles now and no luck, this past cycle of clomid I also got the hcg shot the day before ovulation, I am pretty sure I ovulated the next night we done what we were supposed to. Now here are some q's the first two cycles of clomid were normal the second two my period kept coming closer and closer by like 4-5 days each time so this last cycle the doc said would be my last b/c he did not think it was working, so on this last cycle I also got the hcg shot the day before I ovulated now instead of my periods coming early it is now 3 days late and a hpt was neg yesterday, could it still be too early and I took the test at night does that really make a big difference? I am so confused at this point. OH yah I have one child and I have had 2 pregnancies so I know I can get preg! HELP


Tracy88 - October 26

TAM25, my experience with clomid was a little different. I got my period late each cycle. This was due to hugh progesterone levels. High progesterone indicates a good ovulation, but as in my case, I still never got PG. Your progesterone level decreases toward the end of your cycle until it reaches a certain low, at which time your period comes. With a drug like clomid, you may have gotten a higher level than normal; thus it is taking longer for the level to go down and present a period. OR you could be PG and it is just not registering yet on the test. My guess would be that your period just may be late if the HPT is coming up negative and your period is already late. Good luck. I hope I made sense, and like I said, this was the case for me, which is not true for everyone else.


raeganmiers - March 8

Yes, it does sound like your pregnant.
I am a mother of 2. I took many pregnancy tests with my first daughter.
It wasn't until I took a blood test that I found out that I was pregnant. Some women can hahe low estrogen levels in their body and because of that a pregnany test might not show that you
are pregnant ,when in fact you are. Take
a blood test! We are trying to have our 3rd child righ now.


WD - April 2

I am 14 days late, so started the Provera 8 or 9 days ago, just done with my last peirod on the 31th (7 pills together). Period still hasn't come yet, I guess I should wait for few more days. But I am thinking if I should start taking Clomid on my next cycle. Since most ppl here had tried Clomid, can someone give me some suggestion. Thanks.
By the way, I am ttc #1, has been ttc on the past three month, no luck =P


recarter - April 3

I am so glad to find this forum. I am on my second round of clomid myself. I was supposed to start on 3/31 so I took a test today and it was negative. I was wondering if the clomid had an effect on it and it looks like there is a good chance it has. I will wait until I am 7 days late before I test again. Thanks for sharing this information and best of luck to all of you.


SSSSSSSS - April 9

Hi, I've just discovered this forum as well and am also on clomid (2nd cycle). My period is 3 days late and I had a really light pink tinge of blood about 4 days ago (so I thought AF was coming) but nothing since. Heaps of cramps, twinges and things which COULD be pg symptoms, but from reading others posts in this forum it could just be that AF is on it's way. Do you think the light spotting I had could be implantation bleeding? Has anyone had anything similar happen to them? I havent dont a HPT yet, was trying to hold off as long as possible as I don't want to be dissappointed with a BFN. I misscarried a year ago so am so scared of going through that again.


Texasgirl - May 5

Hi everyone..just discovered this. I'm new with the whole TTC thing.. but, took Provera in Feb 08.. then Clomid on Days 3-7 in early April. Took progesterone test on Day 21, and dr said it was less than 1..and he wanted me at a 10.

I'm technically late, but have always been irregular. Dr said to take a HPT on Day 35 if I still haven't started.
I was just wondering if it's possible to get pregnant with such a low progesterone level? I'm having symptoms that could mean I'm PG, but then again..it could just be in my mind.


Teddyfinch - May 6

it's more than likely clomid symptoms. and a progesterone level of 1, i don't think, would sustain a pregnancy. if clomid didn't make you ovulate (and from your levels it didn't) then you'll need to take provera again. it's not uncommon, though. even if you do ovulate from it, you might not have a period. good luck, though.


Texasgirl - May 6

Thanks for the quick response! I will take the HPT on Wednesday, just to be sure, before I start the Provera again.
Just wishful thinking :)


janet86 - May 8

hey ladies well i myself am waiting for af to show up...cd 35 for me for the past 4 mnths ive been getting it every 35days...nd now nothing..i took a hpt last monday nd BFN...ive been having cramping on and off all week...usually i get cramps the day that af is goin to show up ..im wondering if i should go get a hpt nd just take...but i reallly doubt it..ive been on clomid 150mg cd 5-9 (round 4) for me nd last one, i dont know wats next but im really eager to find out..i jst need to know wat is goin on....


samsam - May 13

Hi, i just started using clomid and on my 28 day i showed up negetive. Today is my 32 day and i still have not seen a period. Am not sure if i ovulated but if not would i still see a period?



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