On Clomid...missed period, but negative HPT
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fountain - April 19

serssie, thats unreal the way we both have the exact problem. I'm not feeling too good this morning. Have been very restless in bed the last two nights with jumpy legs. Having to get up and have a cup of tea in the early hours of the morning etc. You still seem very positive were I'm not so sure anymore. How long are you on clomid?


fountain - April 19

serssie, we are obviously on different time zones. We keep missing eachother on chat. I'm on Irish time so hopefully catch you this evening.


fountain - April 19

"2 weeks late and did another hpt today. Still negative. I obviously didnt ovulate as I cant see any other reason for the late AF. Going to book an apt with my OBSGYN in the morning. God alone knows when I'll get one mind you. Keep posted. Head is wrecked these day :(


serssie - April 19

Fountain...I am in Jamaica (the Caribbean) so the time difference in probably the reason why we are never on at the same time. I was on clomid for a while then stopped. I only started back last month. Please do not give up hope, I read that sometimes being on fertility tablets is the reason why the HPT shows negative when one is indeed pregnant. I know I ovulated last month and I hope the same happened for you . I think we need to get a blood test done that will confirm or deny either way we will know what next to do. Keep me posted while I do the same.


fountain - April 21

Serssie, great to hear from you. Let me know how you get on tomorrow (Thursday). Jamaica my goodness you are a good bit away away. Mind you I'd say the weather is a lot better than here. Keep me posted girl. Take care


serssie - April 24

Fountain, I am so depress. I am not pregnant. Did another test and it was negative. I went to a new Gynaecologist and he requested more tests. FSH, LH, Prolactin and another. I did the tests a while ago and will share the results with you when next I visit him. He suspects harmone problems. How are things with you?


fountain - April 24

Hi Serssie.... Im so sorry to hear your news. I'll be 3 weeks late on Tuesday. HAve done 3 test and all neg. So depressed too. I have pains (cramps) in my ovaries but still no sign of my period. I HAve to make apt with my consultant in Dublin for week after next as neither myself of my partner can make it next week. I'll let you know if or when I get my AF. Also Did you have a post coital? I was advised to have one with my consultant but others have told me its a waste of time.......


serssie - May 3

Hi Fountain. Hope all is well. I still have not had an AF. This is getting more depressing by the minute. I did the tests and I am now waiting on my gynaecologists to analyze the tests and let me know which step we will be taking next. Keep me posted and best of luck to us.


fountain - May 3

Serssie.... Great to hear from you. I got my af yesterday, day 54. Rang GAE and told me to up my dosage to 100mg from day 2-6. Then I have apt with him on the 10th May....... Will be in touch. Baby dust to you x


serssie - May 6

Fountain... AF still has not come. I have a visit with my OBGYN...he will review the test results with me. Will let you know what my crazy harmones are up to. Thank you for being here and all the best to you as we try to conceive.


fountain - May 7

serssie: Great to have you on this forum. Have you had your apt with the GAEOBS yet? I have mine on Monday coming. Not looking forward to what he has to say. DId you AF arrive yet?


serssie - May 9

Fountain, I'm so happy I changed gynaecologist. From the blood tests I did he confirmed that I have PCOS and my last gynaecologist ruled that out because my ultra sound showed perfect ovaries. My LH is so high there is no way I could have gotten pregant. It is suppose to be below six and it is at 14 because of PCOS. He has prescribed metformin to regulate my harmone and provera to induce my period. I am also going to do a HSG since the last one done was 5 years ago. That is really painful. I will keep you informed as I pray this year will be the one we conceive. All the best with your appointment tomorrow, let me know what happened.


pray4ublessing - May 10

Hello, I'm a beginner to 'aggressive' ttc and this stuff is very stressful! i can't believe how emotionally crazy i have been this month, worse feelings of depression in my entire life and for the first time i felt i couldn't deal with it. until recently i thought pregnancy just happens. our problem is that we live apart until next year so doing BD isnt always an option. this month i start w/ clomid and did unorthodox. i took it at day 11, 12 ov'd 12,13 BDd 10, 11, 17, 18. I'm in good health to my knowledge and no issues yet discovered, thanks to God. Now I am 2 days late and I think I'm going to wait 2 weeks like the doctor today said, because even though it is difficult to wait, I totally stressed myself out on this cycle (my first). I guess my question is about the cysts and anyone who might have any ideas about how I took the meds? In dr studies they study people like us, but we are just trading stories online. There's simply not enough women out here telling their stories, huh? Anyways, hope someone has an idea about taking clomid as I did, oh and my basal temp is high still. Would you recommend waiting longer and keeping my hands off the other clomid I didnt take (ie. let my cycle revert to 'normal' one month before trying to the clomid challenge (albeit with 3 pills))? Heck you and I we just want to try every chance we can get, but sometimes that wears us out. :(

How's fungirl? I was hoping she was still around, maybe she got lucky though and is at home with her baby. Thoughts, prayers, and baby dust to all women in their endeavors.


Kcole803 - May 10

Hi, I’m new to this forum. My husband and I have been ttc for a year now. I will be 30 years old in August. This would be our first child. I am so afraid that I will never be a mother. I am on my 6th cycle of Clomid. Well I am 7 days late getting AF this month. I went to the Dr today and he did a blood test. He also did a pelvic exam and said that he thought I might be pregnant because my uterus was swollen. I couldn’t tell from the outside so I don’t know how in the world he new that. He told me not to get my hopes up but it is so heartbreaking every month. I guess I will know for sure tomorrow when we get the results back. Its nice to know I’m not the only one with the problems.


psg28 - May 12

hello ladies..I'm glad I found this forum...been very depressed...I;ve been ttc for the past year and in vain... recently lost my brother and my cycle has been crazy ever since...i guess it's due to emotional stress...I've been on clomid 50mg which my doc adviced me to take from cd2-cd7...I've been using OPK from cd11 up cd 18 but nothing showed but my husband and i did it anyway just incase i used the OPK wrongly...now my period is late...I've been on a 32 day cycle for the past couple of cycle and today is day 34...I took HPT yesterday but was -tive..felt my whole world crumbling...but reading this forum has put things into perspective... i didn't know clomid could delay our cycle.. i guess i'll wait couple of days before I see the doc...All of you are in my prayers...


fountain - May 17

Serssie. Hello there. Sorry I havent been in contact. Alot going on at the moment. Delighted you are getting some results from your new consultant serssie. My apt went ok but still no answers. He wants to do a laparoscopy to see what my tubes are up to. I took 100mg of clomid day 2-6 and today is cd16 and I still havent ovulated. I think we're going for the lap in Aug as it is the only time that suits my doc and ourselves so we just have to sit and wait and hope that I conceive naturally before then. Finihsed with clomid now. Also we got a bit of bad news after my partner went for a 2nd sperm test. It shows that he had low count and motility which isn't helping our suituation. I'm just so stressed with all of the at the moment and dont know what to do. Also we're looking at around €2000 or more just for the laparoscopy which we dont have at hand at the minute. Let me know how you're getting on. Would love to hear from you x



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