On Clomid...missed period, but negative HPT
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kclarkadpi - June 30

Hi. I'm new to this forum, but I"m going NUTS! I took clomid 50 mg for the first time on days 3-7 (I have one daughter, and I got pregnant the first time I used clomid with her, and the HPT didn't come back positive until 4 weeks past ovulation). Ovulation test came back positive on day 14, we BD as often as we were supposed to. Now I'm 15 days past ovulation with dizzy spells the past week or so, lower back cramps, and LOTS of stretchy, wet CM (Sorry to be gross). However, I've taken 3 HPT in the past week and they're all negative. Does it sound like I"m pregnant? Shouldn't my period have come like clockwork 14 DPO since I know I ovulated with the clomid? Advice, please! I'm going crazy trying to figure this out!!!!



Tracy88 - July 1

Having been on clomid for three cycles, I can honestly say that your period could just be late or you could very well be pregnant. I know that doesn't help, but each month that I took it, my period was 4 to 5 days late and I had every PG symptom in the book. You just won't know until you either get a positive HPT or AF. Good luck!


kclarkadpi - July 1

So, to clarify, you were starting AF 18-19 DPO? Or was your ovulation running 4-5 days late? Were you having lots of CM, or did you dry up before
AF? Thanks for your response! Good luck to you, too!


manyika - July 1

Hi kclarkadpi, Tracy88 is right. You just won't know until you get a +hpt or AF. Having a +LH surge on the opk doesn't mean you will ovulate that day. Remember it says that you will ovulate within the next 24 to 48 hours. I was told that it's 14 days before AF that we ovulate. I was also on Clomid for three cycles, the first 2 cycles were 33 days long. I was having pg symptoms but -hpt then AF came. Today I'm cd19 on my third Clomid cycle and still with no LH surge. I do hope your AF won't come and will have a +hpt instead. It's just probably early to check that's why you're getting a negative result. Good luck!


Tracy88 - July 1

kclarkadpi.....yes, that's right. On clomid I would ovulate around cd 14 or 15 and get AF on about cd32 or 33. I normally have 28 day cycles, but clomid made my cycle longer. In the TWW or luteal phase I always had tons of creamy cervical mucus. I thought I was PG each month, but NOPE. It worked for my sister on her second cycle, but did not work for me at all. I was not monitored very well, so far all I know my lining was too thin or something. Best wishes.


Mega - July 3

Hi Kclarkadpi. Clomid, as Tracy88 said can cause your cycles to get longer (it can lengthen the leutal phase), but usually by just a few days. Truthfully I'd suggest if AF still hasn't come by mid-week I'd suggest getting a beta done at your dr's office. They're more sensetitive than most HPTs esp. in your case since with your 1st pg you didn't generate enough HCG to get a + til your 4th week. Good luck. Keep us posted.


kclarkadpi - July 4

Thanks for you input. It really helps to hear from others!!! I went today (Monday) and took a blood pregnancy test at local lab, and it came back negative. According to my calculations, AF is 4 days late (but I guess I might have ovulated later than I thought or something). This leaves me more confused than EVER! I'm still having symptoms, and I really do feel pregnant. Is it possible that it's just still too early to show up on a test? AF still is showing no signs of being here...(I keep hoping that since it took so long with my 1st pregnancy to show, it'll happen again...but that was with HPT, not blood tests..).


kclarkadpi - July 6

Now I"m 7 days late. Still same symptoms, no AF, all tests BFN. ????????????????????


manyika - July 6

kclarkadpi, did you have a progesterone level check on cd21? I had one done with my Clomid cycles to check whether I did ovulate or not. They want to see to see a result of 15 or more with Clomid. I had one done last Monday and the result is only 1.48 so I did not ovulate with my third Clomid cycle. I'm now on cd 24 with no signs of af coming soon.


kclarkadpi - July 6

manyika...no I didn't have my proges. level checked. I'm assuming I did in fact ovulate because an OPK showed I was going to, and I had EWCM and ovulation cramping around the same time. So, if you're on CD24, does that mean you haven't ovulated yet, or you just simply won't ovulate this cycle? And, do you know anything about Clomid regarding if you DEFINITELY will start your period around 14 days after you ovulated (when you're pretty darn sure you did)? Shouldn't I have either started by now or be pregnant? Once again, AUGGH! I'm going nuts!


manyika - July 7

kclarkadpi...no, I haven't ovulated yet and I think I'm not going to this cycle. I had u/s done on cd15 and they found follies but were smaller than the ones I had during the first 2 cycles on Clomid. I had another u/s done on cd21 since I didn't detect a LH surge and found out that the follies even got smaller than they were on cd15. The nurse even told me that I must have missed my surge but I know I didn't bec. I started checking since cd 12. I read this info that when taking Clomid, you will ovulate between 5-8 days after the last pill and if you don't conceive, you usually will have af 3 weeks after the taking the last pill. But I guess it doesn't apply to everybody. Are your cycles regular? Mine are irregular, I thought the Clomid will regulate it but I must have developed a resistance to it. If you're a week late and you said that you didn't have +hpt until you were 4 weeks past ovulation during your first pregnancy, it's possible that you are indeed pregnant but your hcg is not detectable yet. Try having your progesterone level checked too. It should be higher than 15 as it supports the lining of your uterus. Good luck!


kclarkadpi - July 7

manyika...my cycles have never been regular, but I've been on the pill for 10 years (Except while trying to conceive my 1st). I got off it in January, and I was running about 35-40 days between cycles. In May, I had a 32 day cycle...we had tried then to conceive, but had no luck. So, we thought we'd give clomid a shot again. I am now 8 days late, and still having lots of CM, dizziness, and lower back cramping. Here's hoping.....
And, I wish you the best of luck next cycle! I"ll post when I either start AF or get a BFP!


kclarkadpi - July 19

Well, I'm almost 3 weeks late for AF, and the doc put me on Provera to make AF come. Tests are still negative. Very frustrating...I really felt pregnant this time. I guess I'm just crazy. I'm pretty sure AF will come with the provera. Thought I'd update the scenario for others in the same boat.


Tracy88 - July 19

You are not crazy. Clomid actually does make you feel pregnant in every respect. I had tons of symptoms, not imagined, and 3 cycles of BFN's. I even had high day 21 progesterone levels, which always made the doctors hopeful I'd get PG, and nothing!!! Even if you are seeing a regular OB/GYN have them do a day 21 blood draw for progesterone next time. Day 21 really means about 7 days after you ovulate, so if you ovulate on cd11, you would go in on cd18. I wish you lots of luck. I know it's hard to go through BFN's after you were so sure. I'm right there with you sister.


blanketsandbottles - July 19

kclarkadpi...I am in the same boat that you are. DH and I are ttc#1. Last month was my firtst cycle on clomid and I did not ovulate. Doc had to put me on provera to make me cycle before the first round of clomid because it had been 3 1/2 months since my last period. I am back on the provera today being day 6 and go in for an exam when I start. Doc plans to up my dosage to 100mg on the next cycle. Keep us posted!


kclarkadpi - July 24

Things never seem to be simple with me... On Provera, apparently you're not supposed to have a period until 5-14 days after your last pill (I'm taking 10 days of pills). Well, AF came after pill 6. My doctor is very confused why that happened, and recommended not to use Clomid this month. Well, I can't see forfeiting a month of TTC because the doctor "isn't sure what to do". Agree? Anyway, I have an appt. with an OB that deals mostly with fertility issues on Tuesday, so we'll see what he has to say. Another frustration.....I'm sure there will be more to come. Blanketsandbottles...how did provera work for you? Any of the same issues?
and, Tracy88--I guess I"m going to just have to ignore any preg. symptoms and wait until after I miss AF before testing in the future. I just about drove myself nuts and spend tons of $$ on tests for nothing! Last time on clomid (when I conceived my 1st...), I got pregnant the first round, so I guess I just naturally assumed it would happen that way again. WRONG! Anyhow, let me know how things are going with you.


Tracy88 - July 24

I'm sorry AF played such mind games with you this cycle. My older sister took clomid and it worked for her on her second cycle, so when I felt the bloating, cramps, sore boobs, indigestion, etc....I thought for sure it had worked for me too. The worst part was the late periods. That really messed with my mind. So, when the first cycle didn't work for me, I was SURE the second one would, I mean, it worked for my sister, right? It went like this for three months until finally my body couldn't stand that drug anymore. I was emotionally and physically exhausted. It made me feel horrible, I gained 12 pounds, and obviously it wasn't working for me. That's when I moved to my new doctor. He is also an OB who specializes in Infertility. When I told him I have painful periods, and they saw a fibroid during a routine ultrasound, he recommended doing a laparoscopy. I had that done two weeks ago. No wonder clomid didn't work for me.....there was a lot going on in there. He cleaned house and I am now good to go! So, this cycle, which should start any day now, I will be TTC naturally, but will be monitored so the doc sees how my body works on its own. If I don't get PG this cycle, then we will move to injectables in September. I don't recommend doing anything else until you see that other doctor. You are soooo lucky that you have an appointment so soon! I waited for a month to get into see mine. I started seeing this doctor in May, had a sono in June, and just had the lap in July (had to wait a month for that too). It seems like I just took 3 months off, but when I look back, I'm glad I had it worked out the way it did, because he awesome and did such a great job with the laparoscopy. I feel ready to try again. I spotted last night, thought for sure AF would be here when I woke up this morning, but it seems this month is going to play games with me since I had the lap done. Anyway, that is where I stand, and I want to hear everything the doc says to you tomorrow ok?



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