ON CD 17- Should I be monitored more closely
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KDR - April 28

Just HSG- fine. On 3rd round clomid. First round progesterone was 11. OB didn't see the need to test progesterone 2nd clomid cycle. One third clomid cycle- should I ask for a lab order to get day 21 tested? I guess a lot of obs just take being on clomid lightly????? I read about a lot of other women being followed more closely..... should I move on to RE?????


Mega - April 28

Hi KDR. Are you sure you responded to Clomid rounds 2 & 3? Are you charting your BBT or anything? I certainly think you're warrented to ask for a progesterone test this cycle. Maybe tell your OB you want to be sure you're definitely responding. Has your partner been tested? That's very important too. I ended up having to switch to a RE because it turned out we have male (low morphology) & female issues (PCOS). But I'm really glad I did, even when I was just on Clomid there's a lot more monitoring that goes on. If you feel like the Clomid might not be working that great for you, I'd suggest looking into local REs, it might take a while to get into one though. And definitely get your partner tested if you haven't done that yet. Good luck. Hope this helps! Baby dust!!!


KDR - April 28

Hi Mega, thanks for responding. No, I don't know for sure if I actually ovulated but my ob said based on the progesterone level of 11 after 1st cycle that I probably did. No I haven't been charting temps or anything like that- I guess mostly because I am trying to not get too obsessive about this infertility. My husband had SA done and it was fine. HOw long did it take for you to get into see an RE?



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