On and off period
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Rae - May 14

Help! My dates have been all off! I thought my ovulation date was March 19th, so we tried and ened up starting my period, but 2 days late. It went 2 days and quit for a day and went on but it didnt last the full 7 days. Well, I thought I woud start on April 29th, but I started May 1st. And AGAIN it went a day or two and quit and only lasted like 4 days. Im not having any morning sickness or any other sign. Whats wrong with me?


Milissa - May 15

same thing happend to me but I had brown spotting for a week on and off. Then I had pinkish red blood for 3 days very light then 2 days had brown spotting again..the wiredest period i have ever had!! and I was supposed to start my period on the 29 th of April, and this is when it all began.. And the last couple of days my BOOBS have been killing me! I have been peeing alot more.So it could have been implantation bleeding??


Crystal Marie - May 15

Dear Rae: im in the same boat as you except i usually get my period for five days not seven. my last period was march 8th. and after two months and i am just starting today. when i was supposed to start last month i had brown. and then it stopped yesterday i had brown and then this morning i had red so i know what boat im in..lol. the best way to tell if you are ovulating is getting an ovulation test, yes i know they are expensive but they work, my best friend Carrie took two and then she was preggers. i wish you the best of luck if you are trying. this world needs more babies and good mommies. feel free to email me: [email protected]
take care all with lots of love.



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