On 2WW - anybody else? If so tell me your story!
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RR - September 5

As you can see from the title I am on the 2WW as of today. I have no dpo symptoms of any kind that could possibly lead me to believe I could be pregnant so it is now a waiting game. I'm scheduled to fly out to BC, Canada on business on Saturday so hopefully that will make me concentrate on other matters. I fly my hubby out the Friday after and we were really hoping to try the Ziptrek at Whistler Mountain but don't think it is a good idea at this point..lol.


DL - September 6

Hi RR, day 19 for me, no kids, newlywed, no symptoms,hubby has motility probs. we are trying 1 or 2 more natural then going the iui route. So far all tests show i am fine. have fun in BC, i went once years ago and all it did was rain so i saw nothing.


RR - September 6

Welcome DL. We have no kids either and are also newlyweds :o)
Have you been trying long? What is an iui - sorry I'm a little green? I have little twinges or camps mostly on left side but could be from ab workout.



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