Omifin Clomifeno
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619 - January 22

My question is I don't have insurance so I had a friend go to Mexico for me and purchase Omifin Clomifeno. I purchased 120 tablets of 50 mg and since I'm not under a prescription, I need to know how to take this. I somewhat read that I'm to try 1 tablet between days 3-5 of my menstrual. My question is, are those the only days that I take them? or do I continue to take it daily after that? or is it ONLY 3-5 days into my menstrual out of the month?


RLR - January 24

Hi 619~ be careful, but you should take 1 tablet on days 3-7 of your cycle. DO NOT take it more than 5 consecutive days. Use an OPK starting on cd10 and watch for the surge. If you ovulate, you do not need a higher dose. Are you charting your temps? That will tell you a lot. Good luck!



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