OMG, I think i missed my CHANCE (IUI)
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I think i missed my chance - December 22

ovulation test was negative (test line was lighter than control line) the last 2 days and this morning. I'm supposed to take the hcg trigger shot late tonight and go in on saturday morning for my iui procedure - did utrasound/bloodwork yesterday that showed everything was good, i hadn't ovulate as yet - my 2 follicles were ripe 19.5mm and almost ready to go. But now i was just window/wish list shopping for twin baby girls , and all of a sudden i felt a huge gush that was a clear white sticky and stretchy discharge & now i Fear that i have just ovulated(30mins ago) AND MISSED MY BIG CHANCE THIS CYCLE(iui)


I think i missed my chance - December 22

just did an ovulation test this afternoon that says positive (test line slightly darker than control line) but test this morning said negative.
Is it possible to get a negative ovulation test when using early morning urine but get a positive ovulation test late in the day when i've been active?


Kristen - December 23

You are suppose to use afternoon urine for OPK's. So You will probably ovulate in the next 12 or so hours. It seems like I always have a ton of ewcm in the day or two before o. good luck


kate - December 23

dont panic, the Egg white gushing stuff comes before O. About a day or two before. the idea is that the sperm gets 'stuck' in the EWCM and then is there when the egg comes. So u r prob ok. Good luck 2 u girl XX


i think i missed - December 23

just spoke to my RE on the phone, she says the morning urine is whats important, says to take my shot tonight and come in saturday morning as scheduled for iui. I'm getting confused . i really dont want to miss my chance of conceive a baby this christmas
baby dust


i think i missed - December 23

thanks for the support Kristen and Kate



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