OMG!! Could it be???
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Abersmom - July 19

Ok, so I'm on CD 27, my period has been every 28, so this afternoon, I decided to take an EPT. Well, it's a faint positive line! This is unbelievable. I'm not saying anything until I call my ob tomorrow am, get a blood test and start on my progesterone suppositories (not even to hubby!!) But I am in shock!!! If this baby will be HSG baby #2!!!


Becca D - July 19

That is so many dpo are you? My doc has me start progesterone on day 21 of each cycle.......I read so many different things. Good luck to you!!


abersmom - July 20

umm...I have never felt a deeper heartache in my life.....I re-read the directions, and it is one of those NEW EPT + or - ones. Mine only hade one line in the box :( That means big fat negative....I am absolutely crushed.



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