old wives' tales??
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Shannon - June 24

Ive heard so meny old wives' tales. Do any of them work? I was told to get some "Geritol liquid" and take a tbl spoon every am and it would get me " all healty" and bam I would get pregnant. 2 people I know say it worked for them but who knows. And then I heard to just start taking prental vitamins and that would work too.
Has anyone else heard these weird things and do you think they would work. I'm young and Id hate to walk into Walgreens and buy Geritol! lol


old wife - June 25

Old wives tales, well they usually don't cost anything. The one I have heard is "don't plant parsley if you dont want to get pregnant". I have planted parsley and, yes, got pregnant... 4 times, (2 m/c's), must get another lot of seeds I think. :-)


Francise - June 25

I think that the vitamins may complete any vitamin deficiencies you may have. We don't eat everything that we are supposed to and multivitamins are a necessary evil these days. I think that they help women to conceive if a vitamin or mineral that is needed for egg production, uterine lining formation or anything like that is added. So take a vitamin it may help your body to do more of what it is supposed to do.



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