ok, totally confused!!!!
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vanessa - December 9

I went to my doc yesterday (cd18) because I had not had my lh surge yet and I normally get it on cd17. We were planning on doing an iui but it was canceled because they did a follicle study and it showed the follies were larger than they should be, and my doctor didnt think and egg matured, and therefore I did not ovulate...but...I just took my last OPK today just to be safe, and it was positive! I called my doctor to see if he wanted to go ahead and do the iui now but I havent heard back. Can I have an lh surge but there still be no mature egg to ovulate?


beth - December 9

vanessa-i did not ovulate without meds and i was taking opk all the time. when i started my iuis, i was taking opks and they would be + when i wasn't really o and they would be - when i really was o. my re told me that with my situation and with all the meds i was on, the tests were not very accurate. but even if they don't continue with iui, go home and bd like crazy!! hope this helps!


Sue - December 10

Hi Vanessa, my doctor also told me the same thing. When we saw her after 15 months ttc I told her I was getting + opt's every month but she said sometimes they can give false results.



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