Ok this is a little weird...
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Robyn - February 23

I had my HSG on Monday. My AF was 2/11 and brought on by Prometrium so I could have my procedure because I have PCOS. So... I did my HSG we have been bd'g regularly. I have been having high fertility days with my CBM no eggie yet. And now I just started to bleed with CM dont know what this is. Could this be AF again?? I only bled for a little a few hours after the HSG. I havent bled since. So I am little confused. Any suggestions... Thanks


Mega - February 23

Hi Robyn. Are you bleeding today? Or did you just bleed a couple hours after the HSG and that was it? I got a little confused. If you just bleed the day of the HSG, that's not uncommon. My nurse said it could happen back when I had that done in July. If you also started bleeding today mixed in with the CM, then my guess is you might be seeing Ovulation bleeding. Because I'd guess that since your HSG was Monday, that's most likely not the cause of today's bleed. O spotting can happen. It's not common per se, but not uncommon too. And if your AF started on 2/11, it's not out of the realm of possiblity you'd O today. Good luck & start BD. Tire out your partner! HTH!


ROBYN - February 24


I only bled for a like a couple of hours on Monday. Today it was like I said just CM and bright pink blood now its gone. I called my RE they wanted to schedule a pelvic ultrasound if it was the start of my period but it looks like its not. I just never had this before, so I am confused. I guess I will be canceling by appt for tomorrow morning.


Mega - February 24

In that case, like I said before I'm going to guess then since it wasn't the start of your period, that it was probably ovulation bleeding. Was the CM the EWCM kind? If so, then that definitely sounds like O bleeding. It can happen. Good luck!


ROBYN - February 24

Hi Mega, it looked very clear and it could stretch (Gross!!) I called my RE they said it was not from the HSG it could have been mid cycle bleed or like u said the O thing. They want me to contact them on CD 21 if I dont get my surge and then they will check my progesterone levels. This is all new to me so I am just learing alot of this and trying to understand all the stuff these docs and nurses are telling me.


Mega - February 24

Yeah, TTC is certainly a crash course in our bodies isn't it?! Well, the stretchy, clear CM certainly sounds like the classic EWCM--I've only seen it one time. But that's what it should be. So I'd think you've O'ed or at the very least should O today/tomorrow at the latest regardless of what your CBM says. But that's good that your dr will test your prog. on CD 21, that'll let you know for sure what the what is.


Robyn - February 24

Mega, thanks for all you input. May I ask what is your story how long have you been ttc? Do you see an RE? Do you have any children of your own? Just curious...


Mega - February 24

I've been TTC #1 since I got married Sept. 2004 (actually we tried the month beforehand too). As soon as I came off BCP I started noticing every cycle would get longer & longer until April 2005, when at my yearly check up my OB dx me with PCOS. A couple months later my partner did a SA & it was discovered that he has 5% morphology so we were ref. to a RE, who I've seen since July. My most recent thing was having the Ovarian Drilling done last Friday. I'm hoping that fixes the PCOS for a long time. Are you TTC#1, too? I know I've read parts of your story on other posts. Have a great weekend!


Robyn - February 24

Mega, I have a 7 yr old son from a previous marriage and I swear to this day I still joke about dont know how it happened (: well I do its just my doc at the time told me we would have a lot of problems ttc. When I think back my x and I hadnt used anything in like 5 years. So... needless to say I also have PCOS and am getting remarried in 2 months to the most awesome man in the whole world. We have 2gether for almost 3 yrs got engaged in November and just bumped up our wedding date from December 06 to May 7th. Because we started to see an RE I was afraid of walking down the isle preggo. So we got lucky and changed everyting this week. I did also read about you on a previous post. I appreciate you taking the time out and answering my questions you have been helpful. I hope that we all get what we wish for very soon.



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