ok i have a question??
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grace - October 10

Im 27 yrs old, my husband and i want to have a baby. For two years we havent used protection and i still havent come out pregnant. What can i do to prepare my body to try and get pregnant? My period are irregular and sometimes i bleed for long periods of time, then on the other hand i wont have a period for 2 months. Because i bleed alot sometimes ive become anemic, being anemic can it be possible for me to get pregnant... if any of you ladies can fill me in, im completly clueless, and of course not very educated....help me please, thanks


Sophie - October 10

I think the best thing you can do is to regulate your cycle first...two years of trying and still no luck, its better that you consult a dr and find out what's wrong they might give you some medication to regulate your cycle.


Toni - October 10

You might not be ovulating. You have to see a dr.


L - October 10

First of all you need to see the doc and see if they can get you regulated because if you have been having unprotected sex for 2 years and not conceived the doc can run test to see what is going on and they can check his sperm to make sure they are good also.If you bleed so much that you become anemic you defintly should consult your Doc about this.While you are ttc make sure you are taking a good prenantel and if you are anemic get an iron supplement from your doc or eat foods rich in iron. I had the same problem when I was younger I would bleed 3wks out of one month and go months w/o another one, but because I was young and didn't understand that something could actually be wrong I didn't get any testing done. I have currently been ttc for almost a year and it is a long, frustrating process at times. Have you tried using opk's or charting your temp? This could help you better understand if and when you are O'ing to better predict when to BD to better your chances at conceiving! Good Luck! Baby Dust To You !


grace - October 11

thank you ladies so much im going to set up a doctors appt asap.



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