Oing this week, want to wait together? Part 3
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Cendy - November 14

Hi ladies. Welcome to our new thread Part 3.


CC - November 14

Thanks for starting a new thread, the other one was wayyy too long! Cendy hope you start AF soon so you can get on w/ it this month. Ericka, your Dr appointment came so soon! I remember when it seemed forever ago. Are you seeing a RE already, or just your OB ? I think they will have you do a HSG and have DH give semen sample. My DH needs to do his 2nd one this month sometime before Thanksgiving. I am going to call my Dr office today, but I think even taking the Clomid later this month isnt an option since I wont be here during the ultrasound times due to Thanksgiving. I think this month I am taking off. Really, I am tired of it all. I am ready to be seen by a RE and it would have been nice to get the last round of Clomid over with instead of dragging it out, but whatever. I think mentally I am ready for a break. Have a good day ladies...


Cendy - November 14

Hey CC. I am enjoying the break this month. I am guessing with my baby obsession that an infection was the only way to get me to slow down. I understand about being tired of it all. You do need a break. I always hear those stories of after we stopped all the fertilitiy drugs and let nature do its thing, people get pregnant right after. I am hoping that this will be the last month for me. Ericka I am glad you are going to see the doctor. I agree that you might have to have a HSG and you DH a semen sample. Lashunda how is it going. I hope baby and you are good. Please update us. BABY DUST!


Ericka - November 15

Thanks for starting the new thread Cendy. Maybe next time we should title it something different so we can try to get some new people. My dr. appt. did seem to come fast, but this week seems to be taking forever, I guess it's because I test this week. I didn't get anymore spotting so I guess it's one of those things. Today I started cramping a little, but I don't know what to think about that. I'm trying to keep my mind of it so I don't give in and test too early. Tomorrow I should be 9 dpo, so there is a slight chance I can get a +, but I don't think I'll test until thur morning, if I don't start spotting first. This morning my temp was real high, but it was unusually hot at my house and I had my blankets up to my neck. If I get another super high temp tomorrow I will be excited because it could be the beginning or a tri-phasic pattern. Well, 2 days until the dr. and 1 1/2 until I usually begin to spot. Cendy, this will be the only time I am wishing for af to arrive quickly for you. On around what cd do you o? CC, how was your trip? Did you win big? Hopefully this month off the meds will give you time to relax and then continue next month. Have a good night.


Cendy - November 15

Ericka, you are right we need to start a thread with a different name. I started on called TTC Circle of Friends-Everyone Welcome! Let me know if you all want to switch over to it. BABY DUST!


CC - November 15

See you guys on the new thread (Yeah!)


Lashunda - November 16

Hey ladies, sorry for the long delay. I finally got my internet up (yeah)!!! Anywayz, I have an appt on monday to see what kind of meds I need and then on the 2nd I have my full physical exam. I am appro. 5 weeks today (you know how that's not accurate) but I'm living off of it until the 2nd. How are we doing??? Well, just wanted to drop in and say hi. TTYL!! Baby dust!!


Cendy - November 17

Lashunda meet us on the new thread. TTC Cirlce of Friends-Everyone Welcome. Glad you and baby are okay.



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