Oing this week, want to wait together? Part 2
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Lashunda - October 2

Sorry, the other thread was beginning to get pretty long so here's a new thread. Well, nothing much here except that I just found out the Oing only lasts for a couple of hrs so, of course, me and my hubby bd so hopefully that would make up for my days that i missed (I know, its silly) well, just dropping by. Hope everybody's doing well. Have a good night all.


Cendy - October 2

Hi all! I posted on the other thread so take a look at it. I hope everyone is doing okay today. BABY DUST!


Lashunda - October 3

Hi everybody, how is everyone doing? Well, nothing much again today. How do you use an o kit? Anywayz, just wanted to drop in to say hello. Take care everybody!


Cendy - October 3



Lashunda - October 3

Bump, bump


CC - October 3

Hi ladies...Glad to see everyone is doing well. Looks like we are all waiting, except Ericka who is waiting in her own right, to O! (GL Ericka!) Nothing new...Cendy, do your nipples get sore w/ the Clomid ? Mine have been sore for quite sometime now, I would guess a few days after taking my last pill and it hasnt gone away. I dont think its a "sign" since I have been feeling it from the beginning almost and being from the Clomid is the only thing I can think of ?


Ericka - October 4

Hello. Thanks for bumping both threads Cendy, it made it easier to find. I still haven't o'ed. I always o late in my cycle and have a shorter leutal phase so i'll catch up soon. I am starting to get alot of ewcm so I know I will o soon. What cd and dpo are you all on. I am on cd 19. I hope everything is well with you ladies. Baby Dust.


Cendy - October 4

Hi all. CC my nipples do get sore, but I am not sure it is from the Clomid because I have fibercystic breasts that makes them hurt at weird times in my cycle. I get the burning, kinda of tingling, needle sensation when I am pregnant though. It may be the clomid making yours sore. Ericka you hang in there, you will O soon. Is your having a short latenal phase affect you becoming pregnant. Is it not supposed to be around 14 days or so. Clomid could help with that I would think. Have you thought about taking it? Since I am just using OPKs how do I know what DPO I am? Would I include the day I got the +s? or a day or so after that? I am confused. I am on cd 18 though. My EWCM has turned to a creamy lotion. I am guessing that would mean O has come and gone. What do you all think? I need some educating on it. Lashaunda how are you today. What cd and dpo are you? Are you guys switching over to this thread or staying with the other one? I like to look back at past posts so I kind of like the old one. Maybe we could use it until we have to start a new thread. I am thinking that after so long it will make you open a new thread or something like that. Well let me know what we all decide we would like to do and I will post to which ever. BABY DUST


Lashunda - October 4

Hi all, well I just have a question to ask. Well, I think I oed this last week, maybe earlier, my last m/p was on the 14th of sept. Today, I'm experiencing the period like cramps like a/f coming tomorrow. What do you think? could it be too early for me to have a period or what? I don't know, the month before last, I had my period on the 20 of Aug, so I'm not sure. Usually, i'm like 26/27 days. I'm just confused. Any advise, tips? Thanks!


sherry - October 4

iam new here. i feel my "o" pain, and suspect i'll be ovulating tomorrow probobly, so i should bd tonight and tomorrow. i will wait it out with yall!


Cendy - October 4

Hello ladies! Lashunda, if my thinking is right you would be on cd 20 and you could be having O pains due to late Ovulation. With a short cycle of 26-27 days I am not sure what to tell you. I would get an OPK and test. I get + OPK when I am having the O pains. I would suggest you start using OPKs. They are a lifesaver for me. Sherry welcome to our thread. It is very nice to have you wait with us. So how long have you been TTC? Are you on any fertility meds like Clomid? We have another thread the part one of this one if you want to look at it to get all of our stories. I will bump it up for you. Maybe you are in the same boat as some of us. Well, I will check the other thread. Have a nice day all. BABY DUST!


Cendy - October 4



Lashunda - October 4



Ericka - October 5

Hi all. Welcome Sherry. Lashunda, do you usually feel pains when you o? I never do so the only way I know I am o'ing is with the opk's. If you do not usually feel the pains, you could have o'ed early and now you are getting af. I agree with Cendy about the opk's. They really help alot. I would also suggest temping if you can remember to do it. As for me I got a + opk today. I expect to get a + tomorrow and thursday and o thursday or friday. I am going to try not to get my hopes too high this month since last month I was really dissapointed. Sherry, what cd day are you on? Baby Dust to all.


Lashunda - October 5

Hi Ericka, no I usually don't have pain when I o but I'm not due for my period until next week. I do, however, remember the doctor saying that I had two cysts on each of my ovaries but that was around June so maybe. I do feel those cramps around my pelvic area and especially during intercourse. The af cramp went away for some reason so I don't know what the heck is going on with me. How do you use the o tests and where can you get those?


Cendy - October 5

Hey girls. Lashunda when using OPKs your should start testing depending on how many days your cycle is. Mine is around 33 days, so I start testing around CD16. You may want to start a few days earlier since you are just starting to use them. The instructions on the box will tell you when to start testing. For a 27 day cycle you would want to start testing around cd10 according to my instructions on the Answer OPKs. It also says you can test any time of the day, but reduce you fluid intake for at least 2 hours before testing. I collect my urine in a dixie cup and submerge the stick into the urine untill I start to see the urine moving onto the test stick. The instructions say to wait 5 seconds, but I always wait longer. Once you are done lay the test flat for and wait 5 minutes to view the results. You may see two lines or you may just see one reference line next to the thumb grip of the test stick. It is not like a pregnancy test where you see two lines no matter how faint that you have a + OPK. Women have LH in their bodies all the time so both lines could show on every test. It is the darkness of the two lines that you have to be concerned with. If the test line is darker than the reference line, you have a positive. If the test line and the reference line are both purple color with the same darkness/lightness you have a positive. If the reference line is darker than the reference, you have a - OPK. I would test more than once a day to make sure I did not miss my LH surge. You may have to buy more than one box of OPKs in the beginning. The instructions in the OPKs are pretty much self explanitory, so just read them carefully and try to make the best decision on the results as you can. Also, try this website WWW.peeonastick.com. This site has all you need to know about OPKs and HPTs. It even has pictures of +/- tests for you to compare yours to. Ericka you are so blessed not to feel the O pains. They are so painful for me. Have you thought about Clomid at all? Have you guys read the last few threads on our old thread? I was just wondering since I had not gotten some responses to questions I had posted. Are we giving up the old thread completely? CC how are you today? BABY DUST!


CC - October 5

Welcome Sherry! Lashunda, I agree with the other ladies, its easier to know whats going on with O if you are doing something, temp'ing, OPK's etc. I would be lost if I didnt do anything, unless you will be one of the lucky ones who just gets pregnant without the aid of anything else. I see Cendy gave you great instructions! Ericka, enjoy bd'ing! You are going away this weekend right ? I hope this will be your lucky month..Dont think about what may come next month, just concentrate on now. Cendy, (from the old thread) I have not had my progest. checked. I had/have a order on cd 25 to get a blood test done to get it checked, but I was so sure I was pregnant last month (stupid me) that I didnt do it. I am wondering the Clomid will skew the results if I do it this month? Do you know? I think we feel painful O because of the medication. This month was the worst, being my 1st month on Clomid. My nipples are still so sore, but now its traveled to my entire boobs. I thought this was good, but looked back last month on my calendar and I got sore boobs about this same time last month so I guess it means nothing other then it seems normal for me at this time in my cycle. (I am on cd 21, 5 dpo) Today I had a big glob of semi thick creamy/yellowish cm (sorry) that I dont think I have ever had before. ? Cendy, I dont know the answer to your OPK question and how many dpo you would be since I use the monitor and it narrows it down to just two days. I usually go by the 1st the the monitor shows I O and I would think you would do the same with the OPK's but I could be wrong. Maybe count from the 2nd day you get a + on your OPK as O day and then the day after would be 1 dpo ? I am not a big watcher of cm as I dont have that much usually either, except around O time, so I dont know about your cm turning like creamy lotion after O, but maybe you are right and that would explain what happened to me today.
Whatever you want to do with the old/new thread but I think now that this one is started, we should stick with those one. (I also like to look back at the old thread sometimes)...
Have a great night..Baby dust and more dust!



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