Oing this week, want to wait together?
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Cendy - October 2

Ericka I know this will be your month too. We are all going to get BFPs this month. I just know it. You will O next week? What cd are you on? Do you O late normally? Or is is your normal time to O? So when you temp your temp goes up and you know that you have Oed, but not exactly when right. That is what the combination of both the OPK do. It gives you an idea of when the O took or should take place? I think I am a little confused on how it works and a lazy temper. Well girls, I will check both threads later. The one Lashaunda made is the same name except it says part 2.


Cendy - October 3



Lashunda - October 3

Sorry guys, the new thread is Oing this week, want to wait together Part 2.


Cendy - October 4

Oops sorry Lashaunda I was off a little on the new thread name. So are we moving to it or not? It is getting kind of confusing to look at both, but I will if you all want to. Let me know.


Cendy - October 4

Bumping the thread up.



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