Oing this week, want to wait together?
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CC - September 7

Hi ladies..Nice to read your posts and see everyone back! Cendy I laughed when I read your last post about temping..I could never remember to do it first thing in the AM either but usually when I am past O I always wish I had done it so at least I would know if temps were rising..I am on cd day 23 and 8 dpo. Yesterday and today I have had a metallic taste in my mouth which I have never had before (heard it could be a good thing!) and have had a lot of minor cramping, just feels different then regular AF cramps. Low back pain here and there, but that could be from anything..I am trying not to think about it (ok, its all I am thinking about!) but the metallic taste in my mouth really freaked me out and got me thinking. I also have had headaches for the past few days straight, or waking up feeling hung over although I didnt drink anything the night before. My nose is congested but my DH is still struggling to get over his cold, so it could be from him. I dont know, every sign is a sign these days!! Cendy maybe your cups are going to give you happy news this month! (Wouldnt that be great if we ALL were pregnant this time!) This is your 1st month on the 100 mg's of Clomid right Cendy? Maybe this will be your month because of that!? Ericka, sounds like a good sign that your temps are on the rise. Sounds like we are all feeling positive right now. Dont think I will test untilafter this weekend, we will be out of town until Sunday anyway and that will keep my busy till then. Cendy since you and Ericka O's on the same day, shouldnt you both be on the same dpo? You said you are 8 dpo but she is only on 4 dpo ?


Ericka - September 8

Cendy, thanks for the information on the ovuscope. I was thinking of getting a clearblue easy fertility monitor, but it is about $100. I'll probably get the ovuscope because it seems like a better investment. CC it seems like you are having alot of good signs. I think I read somewhere that 60% of women have a metalic taste in their mouths as one of their first signs of pregnancy. I am still feeling nauseas on and off and am getting headaches on and off. The reason why cendy and I are on different dpo is because we both got positive opk's on the same day, but my continued to be positive for the next two days. I don't think I o'd untill 2 days after cendy. Today I am 5 dpo. I want to try not to test until next week, but the weekends are always so hard, I always give in early. Talk to you all soon.


Cendy - September 8

Hi CC and Ericka! So glad to see both of your posts. I tell you it was like waking up on Christmas!! CC, the metalic taste is definately a sign. I am a little crampy too. Have weird pains and I came home and had to take a nap. I actually fell asleep with the cartoons blairing and my little ones walering all over me. I slept till the movie went off and only woke with my 6 year old telling me it was over. I hope my tiredness is a sign too. One other thing is that I am having a lot of milky CM. It is so weird. My boobs are really sore too. Ericka, I am glad you are looking into the Ovuscope. It really does work. You just have to start testing everyday to see when the ferns start forming. They do match up to ovulation. It is so neat. My little boys love to look at the scope if they see me testing. They say mommy can I see you spit. I know it is gross, but it is so scientific. Ericka being nauseus and having headaches is a good sign too. I have a little nausea, and seem to always have some kind of headache when I get home from work. I quite testing once I got a +opk because I was really hurting, and knew I was Oing. That is why we are on different days past O. I know this post is long, but I have to vent. On clomid you have to have a 21 day progesterone blood test done every month to see if you are Oing. Well this is my first month on 100mg, and I called my doctor last Friday and left a message for the nurse to get me in as soon as she could for my test since Saturday was day 21. She never called. I heard from her today, and it is too late to see what my levels are. I just wanted to see if the increased dosage increased it from 16.3 that is was last month. I am so mad. Anyway....I hope you guys don't mind me venting a little. I couldn't help myself. Where are you ladies from? I am from Tennessee. Baby dust to all!


CC - September 8

Hi Everyone...Ericka, I use the Clear Blue monitor, and it has been a life saver. I think its worth the investment. I like it because it does all the guess work for you, and like I said on a earlier post, it seems like there is a lot of confusion about the OPK's (is it positive or is it not, is the line dark enough to be postive, etc) that I just decided it was worth the extra money. I dont have any children, so I figured I could use it for my 1st and for any that follow. I really like it, and would highly recommend it. I have a few girlfriends who used it and got pregnant and swear by it... I dont know anything about the Ovuscope though, but good luck to you with whatever you decide to try.
All of my "symptoms" seem to have disapeared so I am not sure what to think. I did have the metal mouth for two days, but not today and my boobs arent as sore today or are my nipples as they have been the past few days. I woke up with no headache today as well for the 1st day in many. Still having cramps. Cendy the milky cm is good..I was going to ask you both that. I have been really dry since O unless I check internally, and then its pasty, milky, thick, but dont have any discharge at all. I cant remember ever being this dry the whole time after O. What do you guys think about that? I am just confused. What I thought was maybe isnt. Cendy how many kids do you have (2 boys?) and Ericka, do you have any? Did you use Clomid to get pregnant w/ your boys? Dont you just hate the Dr's Cendy? Sorry to have read that and that you missed that window. I wish more of the staff at Dr's office's were more understanding. It seems like they are all so busy and just dont care! If you dont get pregnant this month, just make sure you get in there next month to check you levels. Be pushy if you have to be! Im from CA by the way...Let me know how you ladies are doing...Any more promising signs? I promised myself I wont test till this time next week. No weekend testing, I have to be strong! ha ha...


Cendy - September 8

CC, I have a 4 year old son named Ashton and a 6 year old son named Dathan with a D not an N. I got pregnant with the with no problem what so ever. I did miscarry with my first early on. I just found out I was pregnant the week of the MC. Now that I have had my thyroid surgery, I do not have EWCM hardly at all. I think that is one of my problems this time around. It used to be so much it was disgusting to look at. As far as all the signs of pregnancy, they are so spread out. I had no sign I was pregnant the first time. Until I was late and then MCed. With my oldest son, we waited about a year. I actually thought I was going to start my AF I was cramping so bad, but never did. I had tingling and burning in my breasts and that only seems to happen when I am pregnant. With my youngest son, I had been trying really hard to conceive and had no realy smptoms at all. I was two days late and went to the dr and I was pregnant. I say all this CC because symptons come and go so do not give up hope. It will happen, I just know it. Yeah, I will have to be a little more pushy with the dr next month, if I need to be (knock on wood, I am already pregnant) and make then get me scheduled on time. I am feeling really tired today. I cannot concentrate for nothing. I would like to get the digital OPK monitor, but it is not in my budget right now. How old are you ladies? I am the big 30! I hate to say or even type it. Keep threading ladies. Baby dust!


Ericka - September 9

Hi Ladies! Cendy, sorry to hear about your experience with the doctor. Can you just go in without an appointment and have them give you the test. The milky cm is a really good sign, especially since you tend to not have ewcm. Do you remember how many dpo you were when your breasts became sensitive when you were pregnant with your son? CC, did you pay $100 for the fertility monitor and how much do the additional strips cost? I'm having a hard time making the decision on wether or not to buy it because i still feel as though getting pregnant should not be this hard eventhough it's been 10 months already and nothing. Maybe if I get a bfn this month and get frustrated enough i'll give in and buy one. I am continuing to have headaches, actually I have a pretty bad one right now, I can hardly look at the monitor, but i usually tend to get a few headaches every month so it might not be a preg. sign. I also live in CA and am 29 years old. I do not have any kids, unless you count the 23 I teach everyday, but I have to give those back at the end of the school day. Baby dust


Cendy - September 9

Ericke the breast tendorness happened about a week before I found out I was pregnant. The tingling when I missed my AF. I am so tired. I can hardly get out of bed in the morning these days. Ericka you are a teacher, what grade? 10 months is a long time TTC. It has been almost a year now for me. I am so discouraged. Parts of me think I could be pregnant, and the other thinks that I am not. I just have to think positive though. The headaches are a good sign. I had them a lot too. when is everyone testing? I am holding out for next Friday since my cycle is so freaking long now. Have either of you heard of taking Vitamin E to help with fertility. A friend told me that her grandmother swore by it and she took it both times she wanted to get pregnant and it worked. I have heard of it for men, but not women. Well, I gotta go. Baby dust to all!


CC - September 9

Good morning friends! Cendy, I have a brother named Nathan (with a N) and Dathan is a cute name! You are a busy woman! Do you wish for a girl this time around or do you not care ? One of my dearest friends is pregnant with her 3rd, and already has two boys and is hoping and wishing her last is a girl. I dont care what I have, I would just like have a healthy baby! It's true Cendy, it seems all pregnancies even for the same person are so different with symptoms and signs, etc. Its amazing how our bodies work sometimes when I think about it. I never thought this would be so much work, and I am convinced babies are a miracle now, after all this my husband and I have been through.
Yesterday I did finally see some CM, not a lot, but a little, and it seemed yellowish? on my underwear. I figure that is a good sign so close to AF being due. Sometimes I really think this time I am, and other times, I think I am not. I know that I have things happening that I have never had before and if I am not this month, I know I am going to be really sad. I know, setting myself up to be disapointed isnt smart but this month I couldnt help it. I just have to keep my fingers crossed. Ericka, sad to say, I paid 200.00 for the Clear Blue Monitor. I bought it at Rite Aid which probably wasnt the best place. There are places on the web you can find it for less. Where in CA are you from ? I am from the Huntington Beach area in Orange County. I think for a box of 30 sticks its around 50.00 but those 30 sticks should last you at least 3 months if not more, if your cycle is pretty regular. Again, there are better places to find the sticks on the web for less. If/when I have to buy sticks again, I wont do it at Rite Aid and will look online. Sounds like we are all having promising signs. I swear, if we all are pregnant, I will hunt you both down the next time I am trying, because this thread will have brought me good luck!
Haven't heard of vit. E though..there are so many "things" that people will say help. I guess when we are trying, we are willing to do anything to increase the chances. Vit. E is at least something I would try! Have you read some of the threads about using real egg whites ? Umm..I dont know know about that one. Doesnt sound very un-germ friendly. I think I will hold out to test until next Friday also, that will be cd 32 for me and I have had plenty of cycles that have gone longer so that seems like a good day. Ericka can you hold out and we can all test on the same day ?
Will be gone until Sunday so I will check in then...Hope everyone has a great weekend with more positive signs!


Cendy - September 9

Hi CC and Erkia. It seems like we are the three amigas in this pregnancy race. I am so glad we all got to threading as well as we have. It has helped to pass the time and get through the urge of tesing early. I swear that early testing makes me not be pregnant. Each month I have tested early and it turned out N. I am determined to wait this time. CC, you can hunt me down, I won't mind at all. I am in Cleveland, Tennessee. The yellowish CM could that be blood. Like implantation bleeding. Wow 200 for the monitor. That is definitely not in my budget. I have wanted a little girl for a very long time, but since I have had to spend a lot of time with my 4 year old neice, I am leaning now toward another boy. Girls are so whiny and need lots of attention where as with boys you give them a car to play with and they play happily. With my neice you give her a Barbi to play with and you have to sit down and play with her all the time. I dont know how her mom gets anyhing done. Ladies do you have your future babies named? I think that I do. Kathaline or Kaydence for a girl and Jayce it if is a boy. My dad passed away from Pancreatic cancer last November and his name was Jay so that is how I got Jayce. What do you all think about them? Well, have a nice weekend and try not to think about testing. Baby dust!


CC - September 9

Ugh..I need to be strong. Sitting here (I work from home full time) I have an overwhelming urge to test after work. I know just this morning I said I was going to wait, but then the metal mouth started again and I really want to know!!! I thought when the time happened, I would tell my husband in such a cute way, etc etc and now I am bursting with wonder and feel like I cant wait anymore! I need to calm down. I have not told my husband anything yet, or my thoughts that I could be because I really wanted to surprise him but I am going nuts. (Just rereading what I wrote, I do sound a little insane!)...My husband and I disagree on most names (yikes)..I like Avery Grace for a girl, he doesnt like Avery (we do know Grace will be the middle name if we ever have a girl, its my Grandmothers name) Boy names..Hmm..I like Dylan, Ethan, Tyler..I stuggle with the boy names. For girls I also like Ava, and Ella.
Kaydence is a great name and so pretty, I like that name a lot and have thought about using it in the past. Jayce is a good solid name and its always nice to incorporate a name of someone special into your childs name.
IF I test, I will check in and let you know. I am going to try and keep myself busy until we leave tomorrow morning. If I can make it through the next few hours, I can make it through anything!


CC - September 10

I caved. Good news is, I only spent 2.14 (went to the 99 cents store) bad news, BFN. Could be too early, could be not pregnant, who knows about those tests (after all they were only 99 cents each) but I bought two different kinds and took both, both negative. Dont give in like I did, it will only lead to disapointments! Have a good weekend, guys, talk to you soon.


Ericka - September 10

CC, I bet it was too early to test and I am not accepting your bfn. I would love for us to test on the same day but i am expecting af on Tuesday. I always spot for about three days before hand. Today I started having what feels like af cramps, and what looks like very light brown spotting. Of course I could justify this as implantation spotting, but i've been down that road before and it just leads to dissapointment. I don't know what to think anymore. If I don't get pregnant this month then I am giving one more month of ttc before going to my doctor. I had not heard of vitamin E but my prenatals have 100%. I have heard of men taking zinc to increase sperm mobility(and dh's stamina). I also have heard of the egg whites but like you CC, i think thats too funky. Cendy, I love the name Jayce and since it has part of your dad's name makes it even more special. I haven't thought of any names and probably wont until after i am pregnant. I need to see what names come to once I am preggo. I live in Canoga Park which is fairly close to Huntington Beach. I teach 6, 7, & 8 grade. It is a special ed class so they are with me for most of the day. What do you ladies do? Cendy, Do you think you can hold out until next friday? That means you will be 16 dpo right. At least you will know for sure on that day. Have a great weekend. I'll let you guys know if I give in and test.


Cendy - September 11

Hi ladies! CC, you are not insane. You ar just anxious. I have caved for the past 10 months and I am so determined not to test till Friday. Ericka you are right it will be 16 dpo. Normally today I would have started on a normal AF being a 28 cycle. I have been keeping myself busy with school and I am help with a wedding on the 17th. Also, me not having any tests in the house has kept me from testing early. Normally I have a few on hand but not this month. CC, your neg test is just too early to tell. Test in a few days. Ericka the brownish spotting is a good sign. I hear IB is brownish, not really like red AF blood. I am very hopeful for you both. Ericka you will test on Tuesday right, and CC when will you test again? I have never bought the .99 tests. Where do you get them? I am still very tired and have had a kind of bloated feeling in my tummy. I remember feeling that way when I got pregnant the last time. I forgot to tell you a dream I had a few days ago. It was a pregnancy dream. I was in the bathroom with all these different pregnancy tests. I was testing with about 5 or 6 and they all came out +. Even the digital that says pregnant. My husband had a dream this morning that he kept taking me to the hospital for false alarms. It so weird, I guess this baby is all we really think about these days. Vivid dreams are a sign. Do you both have any? I love your names Ericka. Avery is so sweet. I also love the name Grace. I helped a friend name her daughter Jalena Grace. She calls her Jayli. Well, I will close for now. Stay focused on waiting to test or if you do, that's okay too. Baby dust!


Cendy - September 11

Correction on earlier post, CC I love your names, and I put Ericka. Sorry.


Ericka - September 11

Well I gave in this morning and tested. I got a bfn, or what I think is a bfn. The only thing that makes me doubt it is that there was a tiny litlle dot where the pregnancy line should be. I hope that means it was to early to test. I also stopped spotting and started getting creamy cm. It's only 9:40 in the morning and I'm already driving myself crazy. I never see anything on my tests and to see that tiny dot gets my hopes up. I'm going to have to go out today to try to get my mind off things. Knowing myself I will probably test again tonight. I'll let you ladies know what happens. Cendy, I know your dreams will come true real soon. Did you have any pregnancy dreams with your other kids before you found out you were pregnant? Talk to you all later tonight. Baby Dust


Sandy - September 11

Good luck Ericka....



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