Oing this week, want to wait together?
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Cendy - August 30

Hi all! I think I am Oing this week. I would like to find some waiting buddies. I have on the 16 and 17 of the last two cycles, and I am using OPK and ferning, but no + on the OPK. I have seen ferning on my scope though. I am on Clomid 100mg this month instead of the 50mg last 4 cycles, so maybe the increase is taking ovualtion a little longer? What do you think?


Ericka - August 30

Hi Cendy. I should O Wed or Thur. For the past three months I O on day 21 or 22 of my cycle. The only thing that worries me is that I usually get a positive opk for three days and all have been negative so far. I do have ewcm so that's a good sign. I do not know much about clomid, but i would imagine an increase in mg would affect your cycle. Good Luck.


Cendy - August 31

Hi Ericka! My OPKs this month have all been negative too. I wonder what is up with that. What kind of OPKs do you use? I am using the new Answer 20 ct tests. Last month I could really see the second line almost every time I tested, but this month, I can bearly see the control line. Baby dust!


CC - August 31

Hi Cendy and Ericka..I use the Clear Blue fertility monitor and I O'd today (cd15) so we are bd'ing in this house right now..I would love to wait with you both. I just had a HSG (all clear) and if this month isnt the month, I will start 100mg of Clomid next cycle, so I hope this month we are lucky. From what I have read and what my Dr told me about the Clomid, it does cause you to O later in your cycle then you normally would, so Cendy what you said makes sense. I dont know much about the OPK's, it seemed so many were confused about them a lot of time, I decided to not use them and use something that figures it out for me. Good luck to you both! Here is to bd'ing and waiting for the next two wks!


Ericka - August 31

Hi Cendy and CC. I have been using the clear blue easy ovulation kit. What worries me besides not getting the positive is that usually the closer I get to O, the darker the line gets, but this month the line has been very light the whole month. Besides using the opk's I am also charting my temps, so I know I have not O this month. CC - Have fun with the bd'ing and make sure you let is know WHEN (not if) you get the BFP. ~Baby dust to you~


CC - August 31

Hi Ericka..I dont know how long you have been using the OPK's or how long you have been temping, but maybe you wont O this month at all? Sometimes that happens..(I hope this isnt the case for you)..Last month I didnt O until day 28 which is nuts of course..Hence the Clomid if we cant do it on our own this month. You should be on day 21 right now right? Hopefully today or tomorrow you will O but start bd'ing now! Maybe this will be a lucky thread of all of us (I need it!) Baby dust!!!


Cendy - August 31

Hey Erick and CC! Well, I took an OPK this morning and it was positive! I am so happy! I took another one at lunch time and it was positive too! We BD this morning not knowing it was going to be positive, so we are off to a good start. My past three O's were at 16, 17, and now the 18 day of my cycle. I guess the stronger the Clomid dosage the longer the O wait. Ericka mine OPKs were very light until today. CC did the HSG hurt a lot? I have heard they can be very painful. Also, I stickly by accident I came across this forum on another site that the ladies are using Instead Soft Cups to help with conception. Have you heard of it? The cups are for menstuation. Kinda like the Diva Cup, but more like a diaphram. You are supposed to put it in right after your husband ejaculates and it is supposed to help keep the swimmers close to the cervix. You can wear them up to 12 hours too. I saw this and of course I went out and bought them. We used one this morning and I still have it in. It was kinda awkward getting it in, but I cannot even feel it now. I plan to use them every time we BD just to see if it makes a difference. Well, enough about me. How are you all today? Baby tornados to you all!


Ericka - September 1

Hi ladies, I just took an opk and got a positive. I guess Cendy and I are truely are cycle buddies :) Today is cd 22 for me. I usually get a positive opk for 2-3 days before my temps go up so i probably wont O untill Friday. Cendy, I had never heard about the instead cups, but it sounds like a good idea. Where did you buy them? Hopefully, I will be able to get some before I O.CC, you should be beginning your 2ww. How long is your Luteal phase? Mine is short, only about 10-11 days. I am concerned that that is a reason I am having trouble conceiving. November will be one year of ttc, so if nothing happens by then I will go see my doctor. Talk to you guys soon.


CC - September 1

Hi to you both! Glad you hear you are both O'ing (and on the same day even!) I O'd early this cycle for my (day 15) but usually O more towards day 17 or 18..Cendy, the HSG was uncomfortable. I wouldnt really say painful, but its not something I would like to do again. It was interesting to be able to see the dye go up my tubes. I did see the Soft Cup thread, and actually had read it before I started posting in our thread and thought it sounded like a good idea. I think I will try it next month (hopefully I wont have to!) It cant hurt. Let us know how that goes for you this month. How long did you leave it in for the 1st time? (Glad you bd'd today without even knowing of the O!!) Yep, Ericka, I am entering the 2ww. In the beginnng I always get excited about that time because of what "may" be the end result..By the middle and the end, I am usually going crazy like everyone does. My luteal phase is all over the place, which is part of our problem. Last month like I said, I didnt O till day 28, and then started AF 4 days later...Its frustrating, sometimes its normal (13-14 days) and other times not. We have been ttc for a little over a year and I am really hoping on our last month before Clomid we really will do it. DH is sick, so I am forcing him to bd, poor thing. We bd day 14, 15, and 16 (today) so we'll see..Lets keep posting, it gives me something to do and look forward to!


Cendy - September 1

Thats so wonderful Ericka! I guess we are on the same cycle pretty much. Ericka I bought the Instead Soft Cups at Walmart, and I have seen them at Walgreens too. They are in the feminine products section with the pads and tampons. I believe my Lateal phase is about 16 days with a 33 day cycle Oing on the 17 or 18 day. Is that the amount of time from O to you period? I have heard a short lateal phase can make it hard to get pregnant. I would talk to my doctor about it. CC, For the past times we have BD, I have put it in right after and left it in for the whole 12 hours. I have one in right now. It does keep you from leaking while laying down. I have had just a little when I get up, but it is not as much as without it. Sorry to hear your HD is sick. He just has to suck it up for the cause and do the deed. Ericka and CC are you on Clomid or using Preseed or other ways to help you get BFP? I am looking into everything I can to get a BFP this month. How long should we keep BDing since I Oed yesterday? Like CC said, lets try to keep this post going as long as we can. Baby dust!


CC - September 2

Hi ladies...I think I will buy those cups if there is a next month! Anything to help. Cendy, I will be on Clomid next month if this isnt our month. I read in your orig post you started on 50mg's for 4 months..I will be on 100mg's to start. She knows of the short luteal phase, thats why I will do Clomid next month. Can I ask why you are taking it if I may? We arent using anything else other then just natural bd'ing. I have read about preseed and have thought about that. Seems like there are as many people who think it helped them as there who think it didnt. Its expensive I think? Cendy keep BD'ing for a few days after O..I dont know the exact answer to how long the egg lasts before it can attach etc, but I do know the sperm can live for 48-72 hours afterwards ( I have heard up to 96 hours from some ) so it wont hurt to bd : ) !!
I am on day 17, too soon to start feeling anything, AF or symptoms, but will start imagining them soon like I always do!


Ericka - September 2

Hello. I took another opk today (two actually, one this morning and one in the evening) and both were still positive so I will probably O tomorrow. Gives us another couple of chances to get those spermies up there. If it doesn't work then I think I'll buy the soft cups for next month. Cendy, yes your luteal phase is the time between your O and af. If it is too short then there could be a problem with the egg not implanting before af arrives. You said yours is about 16 days. That is more than enough days. The "normal" is 14 days. I think the egg only lives 12-24 hours after you ovulate so you should have bd'ed before O so the spermies can be ready and waiting. I've heard people say you should bd the days leading up to O and the day after. I am not using clomid or anything, but i have heard of preseed and that it makes the environment more hospitable for sperm, but I produce alot of ewcm so I don't know if it would do me any good. Have you ladies heard of drinking cough syrup in order to thin out your cm? I have heard of women who take it and make their dh's take it also but I have never heard of any success stories. Cendy, I'm glad you started this thread It gives me something to do besides obsess these next two weeks!


CC - September 6

Hi everyone..Where have we all been! I was on vacation for Labor Day weekend..I am on day 22 and have had some strange feelings and signs that I have never had before, but dont want to get my hopes up. Could all be in my head, but I am trying to really stay grounded this month and dont think I am imaging things. Who knows! How is everyone else doing ?


Cendy - September 6

Hi! Sorry for not posting in a while. I had a paper due on Sunday and it has take up most of my time. CC, I am on Clomid because I have very low progesterone levels and no thyroid since my surgery about two years or so ago. How are you feeling strange CC? I have my fingers crossed. I am on day 24 and I have had a little side cramping and ate a Big Mac and fries without blinking an eye today at lunch! LOL I was such a pig! Hello Erika, how are you doing? I have heard of people taking cough medicine to thin the CM, but I have not done that yet. I know I should, I just hate taking cough medicine. I don't have much mucus on Clomid or since I have thyroid problems, but I should try to take some. As far as unsing the cups, I found them very convenient. If my hubby was too tired to BD, I just helped him do the deed in the cup and inserted it. I hope it worked this month. Well, ladies lets keep this thread going....Baby dust to all!


Ericka - September 7

Hello. I guess we were all busy this weekend. I didn't go anywhere, but had lots of errands to run and family get togethers to attend. I am on cd 28 and 4 dpo. Last night and this morning i felt nauseas, but i know it's too soon to feel anything. My temps continue to rise so at least that's a good sign. Like CC, I don't want to get too excited just to get disappointed in a few days. Cendy, in your original post you said you were using a ferning scope. What is that and how does it work. About the instead cups it is a good idea to have your dh use them and then insert them. I had never thought of using them like that. There are times i need to force my dh to bd and they would come in handy on those days. When do you guys plan to test. Like I said before my luteal phase is short so i am expecting af around the 13th. I'm going to try to hold out until then. By the way Cendy, you said you had a paper due, what are you going to school for? Hoping this is all our month!!


Cendy - September 7

Hello everyone! I am on CD 25 DPO 8, and been having some cramping. It almost feels like I am about to start my AF. Weird I know. Maybe is implantation pains. I am not sure what day that should happen after O. Ericka, I am glad to hear that your temps are still rising. I tried temping, but I could never remember to do it first thing and my Basal thermometer kept swicing to Celcius on me. The ferning scope I was talking about is the Ovuscope http://www.ovuscope.com You can check out their site and it will fill you in on the how to's. I use mine and it really works. I do not suggest getting it through their site because I got mine at Walmart in the pregnancy test section for under $20.00. I have a long cycle around 32-33 days, so I will test around the 16th. The paper I was writing was for my Ethics class. I am going to school online through University of Phoenix trying to get my AAB. Well, I wish everyone the best of luck this month. Keep the thread threading...


CC - September 7

Hi ladies..Nice to read your posts and see everyone back! Cendy I laughed when I read your last post about temping..I could never remember to do it first thing in the AM either but usually when I am past O I always wish I had done it so at least I would know if temps were rising..I am on cd day 23 and 8 dpo. Yesterday and today I have had a metallic taste in my mouth which I have never had before (heard it could be a good thing!) and have had a lot of minor cramping, just feels different then regular AF cramps. Low back pain here and there, but that could be from anything..I am trying not to think about it (ok, its all I am thinking about!) but the metallic taste in my mouth really freaked me out and got me thinking. I also have had headaches for the past few days straight, or waking up feeling hung over although I didnt drink anything the night before. My nose is congested but my DH is still struggling to get over his cold, so it could be from him. I dont know, every sign is a sign these days!! Cendy maybe your cups are going to give you happy news this month! (Wouldnt that be great if we ALL were pregnant this time!) This is your 1st month on the 100 mg's of Clomid right Cendy? Maybe this will be your month because of that!? Ericka, sounds like a good sign that your temps are on the rise. Sounds like we are all feeling positive right now. Dont think I will test untilafter this weekend, we will be out of town until Sunday anyway and that will keep my busy till then. Cendy since you and Ericka O's on the same day, shouldnt you both be on the same dpo? You said you are 8 dpo but she is only on 4 dpo ?



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