Ohio ladies--Part 3
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Mega - October 25

Just starting the new thread as suggested in the last (LONG!) posting. Man, we ladies go thru these threads fast. I'm sure my novel length posts help the cause! Tenk I should've called it OH Ladies & those who have DH's from OH. But that would've been too long I think. We'll unofficially call it that.


Tenk - October 25

YEA!!! I'm so excited, it's weird almost like I'm talking to old friends or something. I get excited when someone refers to me...hehe. I wish I was going to be at your wonderful outing on the 4th...how fun. I won't make it long, I don't think that ANYONE feels let down, I think they might be upset for YOU, not that you've failed. I always wonder if Kevin feels as let down as I do when AF starts. He always says, It's ok babe, we'll get em next time. HOLY cow that's not what I want to hear, but I suppose it's better than the alternative. Mommy, don't worry...everyone just wants what you want, and they want you to be happy...honestly!


Mega - October 25

Tenk--What you said to Mommy about her fam. not feeling let down, very well said! I agree. And you know honestly, at least in the case of my DH (who like me REALLY wants a baby badly), I don't think AF coming affects them nearly as much as it does us because we're so close to it, it's our bodies, our constant reminders. IMO!!!


BabyRN - October 25

Hey girls. Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I have been reading the posts every day but just haven't had much to add. I am looking forward to Polaris. Olive Garden is ok with me too, or anywhere else. I am loving the 2nd trimester eat what you want phase. Although I have to be careful as I am gaining weight now and looking at that scale makes me want to throw it out the window. LOL. Mommy sorry about the bfn, glad you are ok with it and are looking on to the next month. Tenk- I agree with mega, this is your thread too. You are one of us!! I know how you feel about having af show up, I always wondered when I was crying b/c I had another bfn or af reared her ugly head what my dh was really thinking. He always put on the brave face, held me, and told me it is going to happen. But the more bfn's you have the more you start to think it is never going to happen for you. Well hope you all have a great week, it is already hump day again!


BabyRN - October 25

Sorry one more thing. Mega have you heard from Lisa? She dropped the " I think I have a bfp" and then left us hanging! LOL. Any news from her?


Mega - October 25

BabyRN--Yay, I'm looking forward to Polaris too & finally meeting you. Yeah, I always thought the 2nd trimester sounded like the best part of pregnancy, though from where I am now, it ALL sounds good to me. :) No, I haven't heard from Lisa at all, she hasn't posted her results on the iVF thread either. I hope she's okay. Well I have to book it home now ladies. Lots to do tonight. Have a great evening & I'll check in tomorrow. I won't be online Fri nor probably most of the weekend though. Busy getting "installed" as my DH's aunt called the transfer. Thought that was cute!


Mega - October 26

Bumping this new thread up to make it easier to find. Nikki--All those restaurants you listed on the old thread sound good to me. I've been to Mimi's Cafe, pretty good, standard fare. Lindy's is supposed to be good. It's a little spendy though, right? But any of those are fine by me. We're meeting at 12:30 PM on 11/4 actually. Week from this Saturday! Yay! JSmith, you have a busy day planned today. Have a good hair appt. & have fun trick or treating. Are you dressing up too as you take Raegan out? Hope everyone had a good night!


nikki2204 - October 26

Sorry guys, I was still on the old thread...I thought it was awfully quiet! LOL Anyway, all of those places are fine with me.....so someone throw a suggestion out there and we will go with it. Mega- 11/4 is what I meant, I must have been thinking about the doctor appt I made for 11/2, haha. I found a small lump in my breast so I want to get it checked out. I am hoping it is nothing since it is near my scar tissue I have that sometimes flares up from when I had cysts removed from them about 10 years ago. Cross your fingers, I am trying not to freak out yet! They are real sore too but it's about O time so maybe it is that?!? Baby, I'm glad you are enjoying your second trimester---Can't wait to meet you on the 4th! Mommy- how are you doing? Jsmith-sorry you can't make it but hopefully the next time! I'll bet trick or treating with dd will be fun :) Tenk-- I wish you were closer but like you said we can always plan another meeting when you know you are coming for a visit!


Mega - October 26

Nikki, I'm sorry to hear about the lump. How scary. I'll keep my fingers' crossed it just scar tissue like you said, very likely I'd think. But glad they got you in so quickly to check out, just in case. Good for you for doing self-exams. It's normal for bbs to hurt around O time. Definitely will be praying for good news for you on 11/2. I'll go back to the old thread,look over the choices again & post my vote!


Mega - October 26

Does everyone like Asian food? Molly Woo's sounds good to me! Otherwise, Mimi's Cafe is good & I am always up for Friday's. Those are my votes. Anyone agree? Disagree? Strong preferences either way?


Tenk - October 26

Nikki, I do hope you get in there and they find everything to be ok...we will all be here with our fingers crossed for you. I have a question for you (everyone), I'm taking Clomid, and drinking Robitussin for the CM, so why the HELL is the Robi not working on my damn cough??? I mean hello isn't that what it's for anyway. If not then they need to put on the box that it's for CM increase etc. INSTEAD of cough suppressant DUH. Ok, sorry, I coughed for almost 2 hours dozing in and out of sleep last night and had just taken some of that nasty [email protected]#%. Ok BUMP!


JSmith - October 26

Hey girls- Nikki - I'll say a little prayer for you. I have had 3 lumps removed starting at the age of 18 and just having the last one removed last year and they have all been NOTHING! Once you have them, it is common for them to return. How many cysts did you have removed before? Do you have fibrocystic breasts or were they fibroadenomas? Mine were fibroadenomas and they had the potential to get larger so they removed them. When I pressed on mine they would move all over. Of course though, each time I had one, I obsessed over it and completely freaked out - that is in my nature! :) They wanted to do a biopsy this last time and I just asked them to take it out - I don't want it in me if it is not supposed to be there - ya know what I mean? I'm sure it is fine - especially since you had them before, plus most lumps are nothing - my doctor assured me of that! How are the rest of you? I hope you are all well. Good luck tomorrow Mega. I will check Monday and see how things went. I hope the rest of you all have great weekend.


Mega - October 26

Thanks JSmith! Tenk--yeah you'd think as an added bonus the cough syrup might allieve your cough as well as thin your CM! :) Hope the cough goes away soon.


mommywannabe - October 26

YUM, Molly Woo's. My number one vote. But I like all the others too so I'll go with what everyone else wants. I'm good still no AF. I think I'll wait one more week, then test again, which I know is a waste and then call for the good ole Provera. UGH! Hope she comes on her own. Anyways, I am up for whatever eveyone else wants. Nikki, I have had lumpy breasts forever and they never turn out to be anything. Right around O time and AF time I'll get one that hurts really bad and my old doctor referred to it as a milky cyst. It's kind of something your body tells itself that it could be preparing for motherhood or something like that, so it's quite possibly that. But I am like you and worry about everything I get whether it is the common cold or DEATH!! LOL!! I sure hope we'll get to meet JSmith and Tenk one of these days. That would be great. I can't wait to meet Baby. YEAH!! Well I better get some work done. BOOOOOO!! Laterz.


mommywannabe - October 26

OH HOW COULD I FORGET...GL Mega with the xfer tomorrow. YEAHH!!! STICKY BABY DUST TO YOU!!


Mega - October 26

Thank you Mommy!!! Molly Woo's is my #1 vote too. Yummy! Anyway have a good weekend. I really hope AF stops teasing you & either comes on her own, or better yet you retest & get a surprise BFP. Hang in there.


BabyRN - October 26

Molly Woo's is fine with me, or really anywhere. I agree with whoever said no to red lobster, I am not a big seafood fan either. Tenk-I feel your pain, I have a cold too. Runny nose and cough. Sudafed and Robitussin are about the only things you can take when you are pg but I HATE the way sudafed makes your nose so dry. I would rather let it run! Oh well it will pass soon so I think I am just going to ride it out. Hopefully all the Robitussin you are taking will work on your cm since it doesn't seem to be working on your cough! Nikki- Sorry to hear about your lump. I am sure it is nothing, especially if you are supposed to o soon. Sometimes with the increase of hormones bbs get weird! Just like when you are supposed to start af. Good luck on the 2nd though. Mega- Your tx is tomarrow YEAH!!! Good luck and sticky sticky baby dust to you!



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