oh no...was that cd1?
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Amanda - December 11

My doctor has me on 3 rounds of clomid unmonitored. (except for cd 21 blood work) If nothing happens after those 3 rounds then we are moving onto IUI. This is my second month. My doctor told me to start the clomid on cd 1. Yesterday my temp took a nose dive and I had major cramps. around noon I had full on AF. I took my clomid last night but when I went to the bathroom I noticed that AF turned into spotting. Now today I definitely have full on AF. My first question is...Do you think yesterday was cd 1? And my second question is. If TODAY is considered cd 1, will yesterdays clomid cause any problems? I am only on cd 1-2 and already stressing because I think I blew this cycle. Any opinions are greatly appreciated.


MuzikGurl - December 11

Amanda, day 1 is the first day you see any bleeding at all. My ob told me that because I had the same problem at one time too. So, if you bleed even a little bit yesterday then that was day 1 and today will be day 2. I don't think it will cause any problems what dosage are u taking? I'm assuming u started at 50mgs. and the 2nd round will be 100 and then the third will be 150mgs. Most drs. won't go past 200mg if that. I hope it work for you...take care! and plenty of baby dust!


Amanda - December 12

I am taking 50 mgs. I thought that if you ovulate on 50 mgs then they do not up your dose. Am I understanding that right? Or is it...if you do not get pregnant that month, they up your dose? Thank you for replying. I was so worried. It is good to know there are other people out there going through the same things.


MuzikGurl - December 12

Amanda, they only up your dosage if you did not respond to the first dosage. For instance, I didn't start on 50 mgs. my previous ob started me on 100mgs. not 50 and I didn't understand why and I think he really didn't know what he was doing in the first place because I did my research and found out you are supossed to start on 50 not higher considering I never took it before that time. I don't know know if I responded to it or not because he neglected to monitor me and do a 21 day blood test and so forth...that caused me to change drs. and now I'm starting over and waiting for my period to come so I can maybe start over with 50mgs. but for your case so far that I know of, I think ur ok for right now...after this round your dr. should check ur follicles and see if your body responded in a positive way to it and if it did then no need to up the dosage..if not then u will probably need to up it to 100mgs. and same process up until u have reached 150 or 200mgs. and after that then the next step will be IUIs and then invitro and then more drastic approaches and if all that doesn't work then probably adoptation or sarogate mothering. Is your husband/boyfriend semen normal?normally the dr. tests for him first then give you meds. if he hasn't been tested I would suggest and ask your dr. if he can give him a semen analysis. All in all, I hope everything turns out ok...good luck!


isa - December 12

Hi there, my clinic counts cd 1 as the first day of full blood. If you think you might have taken it early by a day let them know he might extend it by one day. I ovulated myself and they started me on 100mg the first month and dropped to 50mg the 2nd month due to the clomid thining my lining too much that I wouldnt have been able to implant. Both months he had to put me on estogen to thicken my lining. I implanted 2nd month but it didnt stick. He is no longer putting me on the clomid because of what it was doing to my lining. Why are you not being monitored on clomid? If I wasnt monitored I never would have known about the thinning of my linng and I never would be able to get pg. Just my thoughts, keep an open line of comunication with your doc and try and get at least one ultrasound before cd10 to check your lining. He can always give you estrogen by cd10 to thicken it if you need it. Thinning of the lining is a very very common occurrence for clomid users. Docs choose your strength of starting clomid by going over your history of ttc, age, hsg levels etc etc. Just because someone else starts at 50mg doesnt mean everyone does (ie in my case we started at 100mg -I'm fighting the age/egg thing so the more eggs I can produce the better my chances) good luck and try not to worry too much



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