Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Amanda - March 28

I have been trying for 4months now and i was supp to start my peroid sat and nothing I am so excited that i might be pg. i always have cramps with my period but nothing this month. what should i do???


luna - March 28

Hi Amanda if I was you I would do a preg test. Then you would know either way. Goodluck.


vr - March 28

I really don't want to disapoint you. But don't get your hopes up so much. I have been trying for 6 months now, and I have been on a normal 28 day cycle since we've started, and last month, I was 5 days late. I was sooo excited, just to get crushed when my period finally came. But if you are pregnant-Congratulations. I would wait it out a couple of days. Just to make sure you don't get false results.


amanda - March 28

how long would you wait to take a test


Dina - March 28

Amanda, most hpt say you can test as early as your first day late. When was your a/f due? If you test too early you might get a false negative result. Try to wait a couple days and if still no a/f try a test or you can always have blood work done. Good luck to you and keep us posted!!!:-)


Amanda - March 28

This might sound crazy but what is a A/F? If that is my period the 26th of March.


sz - March 29

Hey i have been trying for a long time to get pregnant. I get my period on the same day every month...but no luck. I went to a doctor and did all the test and everything looks good......so now all i can do is keep trying. Do you have any tips??


Amanda - March 29

SZ< I would have sex every other day from day 10 to day 20. Try putting a pillow under your but for 20-30 min after every sex encounter. Also the Clear blue easy ovulation test work well I was told.


Amanda - March 29

Can one of you please answer the Do I still have hope question? PLEASE!!!!!!!!


erica - March 29

Of course you have hope. Just remember to praye before you take the test. I will also praye for you.


Heather - March 30

You should take a pregnancy test!



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