Oh, I Do Have Some EWCM...I NEVER Get This!!! Time To Bd!
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sherry - November 3

like it or not dh, today is the day...saddle up and ride, lol. iam so excited cause i never get this "cue" from my body, just "o" pains, and stuff like that, so this is a definate indicator that now is the time. dh better snap out of his tired, lazy mood, no more excuses! hugs and baby dust to all!!! sherry ps- wish me luck that he doesn't pass out on me, yet another time. ttc sex is hard work!


me - November 4

Get going girl! Moosh! Giddy-up! Use the harness and crop on your hubby if that's what it takes!


Toni - November 4

I am the same way. I had ewcm and did the bd and an IUI and got the bfp! Good luck!


Beth - November 4

I know how you feel! It's like pulling teeth to get my husband to have sex, let alone TTC. Men are strange! They want you to have sex like crazy before your're married, but once you are, it's over! Ok, maybe it's not that bad, but it seems that way!



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