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MONICALIA - September 26

Hello Ladies! Please Please Please help me! I need some info! For those of you who know me, I’ve been in & out of the site for the past 2-3 months, DH & I have been TTC for now, 12mos / 1yr. To date we’ve had my full hormone panel blood work done – normal, semen analysis – normal, HSG test – normal. I had a bad run with 2 OBGYN’s who just weren’t sure WTF they were doing. After months & months of relax & keep trying I bought into the Ovulex bit – decided to go the herbal route; started taking the Ovulex, Fertilitea, False Unicorn, Baby Asprin etc… DH started taking a daily Vitamin C & Fertilaid for men supplements. We regulated the BD’ing from every day to every other day & kept praying… Well, as result from the herbs my 28-29day cycle lengthened to a 34 –35day cycle – after BFN & BFN & BFN, I decided to hell with this! I am going to have a mental / emotional breakdown! I enrolled in the Infertility program w/ my insurance company & scheduled an appointment with the best in the NYC area to finally start a program with an RE. So, my 1st appt was on Thursday –AF was on the way & another BFN so; they proceeded right there & then to test my progesterone & perform a transvag ultrasound – LOW & BEHOLD; my ovaries are enlarged & “PCO’ish” according to the RE… She says PCO’ish b/c there were several follicles (cysts – same thing) on each one. She looked at me puzzled as we had just had an hour in reviewing all my charts & discussing my relatively simple history; 1st period at 15, no missed periods, no funky cycles (always 28-29day cycles), no family history issues aside from mom having uterine fibroids (which I have been checked for & have none), one PG ended in miscarriage @ 7 weeks in 04/2000…. Thus, my ovaries PCO’ish.. In researching the syndrome I see a lot of diagnosis symptoms of which I have maybe one or two!?!?! I say one or two b/c I do have pimples (in my mind its more like acne, but really its maybe 5 a month around AF) & I wax my arms in that since a kid they were beastly blonde! Lol – I question the fuzz on my cheeks & top lip but I don’t know, maybe I’m being paranoid… Otherwise, I’m 25, 5’2, 115lbs, in shape, normal blood pressure, am not diabetic, not balding, not overweight etc… So – we decided to do a month of observation via transvag ultrasound & blood work… AF came that next day, Friday – they had me come in again this morning – the Progesterone test from Thursdays test indicated a 2.1 (they tell me it’s an indication that I didn’t ovulate last month). My Dr was out so I was seen by another Dr who came in started the ultrasound & said “Left Ovary PCO’ish size bla bla bla / Right Ovary PCO’ish – smaller of the two size bla bla bla – Left Ovary 16 follicles. Right Ovary 15 follicles etc. etc.” & he then told me that it should be fairly “straightforward” in achieving pregnancy with medication. I asked questions regarding PCO – like, isn’t this a genetic predisposition? Did I just develop this? Is it treatable / curable or simply manageable? Etc.. He told me to hold tight & come back on day 10 (this Sunday) for another viewing to see if there is a dominate follicle at which time I will speak to my original Dr. GREAT, so I leave again reassured that “with my type of PCO’ish ovary” 31 follicles at day 4 is “normal” & that I may have “regularly anovulataory” periods…. No prescription at this time – onto more tests & monitoring. I will have my progesterone test results back tomorrow… I am so upset. I need to know about this PCOS; PLEASE SHARE STORIES WITH ME! I know we have a few topics where people mention their having PCO but it would be nice if we had an official PCOS thread. I’d like to hear YOUR STORY in symptoms, diagnosis, your TTC journey, treatments etc… I’d like to be informed by REAL people – the internet can be scary in searching for information on this kind of thing. I am hoping to hear BFP STORIES & reassuring info about PCOS. I am so afraid that I m going to rapidly gain weight, loose hair, start resisting insulin & have another year of unsuccessful TTC… I know it’s over reacting & knowing doesn’t do anything but show me how to tackle this TTC mission… I just need to have some longevity reports about the syndrome so that I may be better prepared as I am going to start Clomid w/ I think she called it Mataformin?! Next cycle - & I want to be as educated as possible in dealing with this, my husband travels so our BD schedule will be very very tight the next 3 months – I need all the BABY DUST I CAN GET! Sorry this is so long I am really looking for a powerful thread here where we can all learn from each other! PLEASE HELP! --------BABY DUST & POSITIVITY TO ALL OF US TTC!


...... - September 26

there is an excellent site with women who have pcos. it is a forum with many different topics like this one but basically everyone has pcos. it is hope you can find what you are looking for


MONICALIA - September 27

Thanks! I'm looking for stories here too.... Looks like a good resource I will look into it. I'm hoping for feedback here too as I'm partial to the women on the site as I've been here for months trying to support, learn & deal w/ my TTC journey.... This PCOS diagnosis is just the next obstacle..... *****BABY DUST!*****


JCR - September 27

I was diagnosed with pcos in 2003 and was told by my RE that he would have a hardtime getting me pg, unknown to both of us I was already pg naturally. I have a daughter now and got pg 1 other time naturally, which sadly ended in a m/c in april 2005. I have lost almost 20lbs since starting on the metformin in april 2005 (1500mg) (not that I was extremely overweight before, but a little chubby!) I don't have an excessive amount of hair, but I am good with the tweezers for plucking the few that come. I didn't have any cysts, and according to my accupunturist, I am not a typical case. But the metformin has helped to regulate me, I was having maybe 4 periods a year, now I have one every 32 to 35 days. I took my first round of clomid this month days 3-7, was told I wouldn't ovulate, but on day 25 I got my first OPK ever. Dr.s' can be very frusterating and you definately need to do your research and be informed before going to see them. They only think they know everything. I am now waiting to see if anything happened this cycle... Good luck and baby dust to you!



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