Off birthcontrol pills, how long to conceive?
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Katy - July 18

I went off bc pills in November, still have very irregular periods, coming every three months. I have had one child 6 yrs ago and stayed on b/c for 5 yrs. Any one offer advice? i want another child with new husband, tired of missing period and taking test only to see it be negative. OB/GYN gave me pills to start period but it started by itself in May, though now still hasn't started. Help!


chrissy - July 18

I went off of the bcp about 8 months ago when we decided to ttc. I still have not had a period yet. I know what your going thru. Try to keep positive during this time. I have been using the fern scope everyday. And it just showed about 2 wks ago that I was ovulating which was GREAT news. Good Luck....and baby dust to all...


katy - July 18

what is the fern scope?


jen - July 18

Well, it has been 13 months.... I am 31, and I was on the pill for 13 years. I had an HSG last month. Starting Clomid this month! My best advice is to go to the MD,and get Clomid!!


To Katy - July 19

The fern scope is an ovulation test. You have to spit on the slide and then look through it like a microscope. When a fern like pattern appears that means you are ovulating. I have one but didn't ever see a fern like pattern. I think the ovulation test sticks are much better.


chrissy - July 19

The only reason I got the fern scope was bc I had very irregular period and getting the ovulation sticks are too much money when I would have to use it all the time. So the best choice for me was the fern scope.


Taneka - July 20

I went off Depo last summer I still have not concived my GYN said that it can take up to a year for teh depo to get all the way out of your system depending on how long you were on it my period has just recently become normal



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