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zali02 - September 7

my dh and i have been ttc since june this year. this will be pregnancy number 4 and 3rd child (one m/c). i have noticed the last few times that we have bded, there is an odor for the next 24/48 hours. it is not plesant at all. any clues what could be causing this? any suggestions? i am getting very frustrated. i have started charting temp and cm and cp. still no luck. i had to take provera last month to induce regular cycle. we'll see what happens. we have a friend who got pregnant by accident and neither of them is happy. our niece is 4 1/2 months pregnant with TWINS she just turned 18 in july and got married last night. her new husband is going to iraq on friday. a cousin is 16 and pregnant. it seems that everyone that i know is pregnant without trying and some of them not happy. i pray every night, i feel like i am a good mother and wife, i am not sure if god is telling me to just wait because so many family members need help or what. it is hard to be happy for them when it has been so hard for us. more than anything, i worry about them. just wanted to vent.... baby dust to all : )


to zali02 - September 7

Just be happy that you already have kids. Some of us, might not be as lucky as you. Count your blessings.Be very thankful for your children that you already have.


?!?!?! - September 8

I agree w/ the above post... Most of us on this site have yet to be blessed with a child. At least you have kids. I wish I did.


zali02 - September 14

I think that the posts that responded are quite rude and offensive!! There are quite a few other parents that post on this site as well. Just because we have achieved pregnancies in the past does not mean that we do not deserve an additional blessing. Besides, you have no idea how difficult or easy it was to achieve the previous pregnancies that I have had. Maybe you should rethink before you respond. I didn't ask for opinions on my previous pregnancies only about the one that I am trying to achieve now. Maybe you both were having bad days. I will pray for you both!. I hope you have a better day today. : )

P.S. I have posted this same message on other sites and did not get any rude responses, only advice and well wishes...


Chicks - September 14

Hi Zali02! Yes, I do agree that that was very rude of them. They do not know your previous history, and sometimes, people on this board can get pretty nasty which is so not the point of this place. This place is supposed to be a haven for women who need to talk,vent, and share their experiences. Please remember all, that this is an infertility board. People come on here to talk about things that are bothering them or concerning them. I myself have been trying for over a year for number one, but somehow, I don't feel compelled to tell you to "count your lucky stars" so to speak for the children you already have. Maybe these people were having a bad day, but you are as concerned as the rest of us about infertility. There is such a thing as secondary infertility but maybe these people don't know that. Anyways, my question is, do you fall asleep after intercourse and sleep all night with his sperm inside you? I heard that that's what causes the smell, but can't be too sure.. I've read another post on here called "fishy odor after sex". There are quite a few responses on there about this same issue that might be of use to you. Second of all, I know exactly how you feel about looking at others that are pregnant who don't want their babies. I find it disgusting and would never feel that way regardless of what age I was. Just keep hanging in there and try to think as positive as possible. The mind is a powerful thing and can hinder your efforts. Take care and baby dust to you!


zali02 - September 14

thanks chicks! i'll read the other post. To answer your question, no, i don't sleep with the semen inside all night. I try to lay still for 15-20 min after with a small pillow under my buttox. who knows, maybe the lord just wants us to wait a little longer for some unknown reason. thanks for your support! baby dust back at ya!


me - September 14

I have a smell after sex that I just attribute to the semen's chemical reaction to my body. It has a distinct nasty smell that I only get after sex. I know ot sounds gross...and it is :)



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