Odor around my ovulation time
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Meighen N. - February 25

This is very embarrasing and I really hope someone can help. For the few years (2 at least) around my ovulation time I get this really strong odor in my vagina. It is so bad sometimes that it turns me off sex with my husband. I have been to the doctors and questioned this odor. My doctor stated it was normal and that some women are just like this. I don't want to accept this. Has anyone experienced what I am going through. My husband and I have been trying for a baby for 6 months now and negative. Could my body be telling me something?


Amym - February 25

Meighen N, You responded to one of my posts from earlier I see. I also have an odor around ovulation time. I have had it for almost as long as I can remember. I never asked my dr. about it because it is only during that time. As I said on the other post I am going into cycle 9 and no luck for me either. Hopefully you get your BFP March 1!!


Meighen - February 28

Do you find it unbearable at times? Sometimes I get it for a least a week after my period and then from when I start ovulating until my period ends. So pretty much all the time. I hate it, I have tried douche I have tried perfume...you name it and I have tried it. I can't believe the Dr said it was normal. Anyone else have this? Please help with any suggestions?



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