ODD question, but curios
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Carly - October 2

My husband and I are ttc. After intercourse, I keep my legs up for 1/2 hour. Unfortunately, every time I get up (if not right away, then a little later on), (I'm assumming it is) his "sperm" comes out running down my leg. Do you think anything has reached my eggs??? Or would I not be able to get pregnant because of this? Has this happened to any of you? Any info. will be helpful. We've been trying for about 9 mos. now and "that" just crossed my mind. Thanks.


me - October 2

I read that the most sperm come out in the first ejaculate. Anything that runs out is usually non functional sperm or just semen. After a half hour, the sperm have already reached the cervix, so staying in bed after that has not been shown to be more effective. Yes I think it has reached your cervix. It then takes them a while to reach the fallopian tube and then the egg. good luck!


carly - October 2

thanks me!!


K. - October 11

Me is right, that "stuff running down your leg" just gets the sperm there, it's not exacty running back on.


Amy - October 11

I wonder the same thing! I have sat in bed with my legs up too, feeling kinda silly hoping the sperm will have a better chance to "swim" up. I honestly don't know if it makes a difference, but I'm glad I am not the only one who does that! We've been ttc for only two months, but I am so anxious for it to happen, I can only imagine how you're feeling. Good luck!



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