OB or RE?
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Sophia - October 11

I just want to ask your opinion about this. I've been TTC for 1 year with no success. Planning to consult a Dr...but i'm confuse if i'll consult an OB or RE...what do you think? i really have no idea about this. One thing i know for sure is to consult a Dr but don't know which is better. Kindly help me decide.


eb - October 11

usually you would see your ob first and then he would refer you to an re.


Judi - October 11

Talk to your OB first. They may do some preliminary testing on you and your husband. My OB did an HSG exam and some blood work on me, and then when those tests were normal, ordered a semen analysis for my husband. Based on those results, she referred us to an RE. (We did one cycle of IUI and I got pregnant.) Good luck!


Sophia - October 11

Thanks for your info...i think i'll better look for an OB now.


Anyone - October 12

I have a stupid ques, what does RE stand for? I'm not familiar with that term. Thanks


Judi - October 12

Reproductive endocrinologist


Anyone - October 12



me - October 12

RE to regulate your hormones and get you pregnant. AFter you conceive, you return back to your OB for monitoring for the 9 months. Good luck!



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