O sticks vs. OPK?
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jal239 - August 30

Since just coming off the pill my AF are a little weird and I have not been able to start using my fertility monitor. I just wanted to see if others prefer the fertlity sticks vs. the monitor. I have been told that you shoudl not test in the morning when using the sticks, but hten the monitor says to test w/ the first urine of the day. It makes no sense if they are both testing for the same hormone. Any thoughts. Thanks


lovemy3 - September 6

I wondered the same thing, why with the monitor you use first a.m but not with the sticks? Anyone know why? thanks


Galina - September 6

Hi! For some reason I read that many women often get their LH surge in the afternoon and that it can only be detected at that time. So, if you test in the AM, you may miss the surge. I've been using the fert. mon. for quite som time and did both AM & PM and the result was the same. I "O" around the dame time each month. My only advice to you would be if you're going to use OPK's, do as they say and test around 2pm; if you're going to use the monitor, test in the morning. Sorry if this didn't help much.


babygirl1967 - September 6

I also have bought the monitor back in april since my m/c and havent been able to use it because i havent gottena normal flow all i do is spot every 28 days as if it was af so i decided to use the sticks and i o exactly 12 days later. I test with the sticks in the afternoon as well from what i hear the diffrence from the sticks and the monitor is that the monitor detects the estrogen level as well as the lh surge which pinpoints ovulation more accuratly. I know im ovulating but i feel that i am not releasing the eggs because i dont see any ewcm when i o.


lovemy3 - September 7

I'm not sure but I didn't think you had to 'see" the mucus. I have friends that say they never noticed any extra wetness and all have had kids. So I don't know.


pm1307 - September 7

hello ladies well i have a question as always Well does clomid effect OPK? I've been having a lot of CM so i just tested for the heck of it last night and it came back with 2 Lines but one was lighter than the other, i've never gotten 2 lines so i was a little excited, but then the box says if one line is lighter than the other than i haven't found my LH Surge? im oc CD9 and it's my last pill. i usually react good to meds so i haven't been feeling bad, just cramps and night sweats. so is my O'ing time coming closer ? the sticks kinda ocnfuse me. thanks for any input.


babygirl1967 - September 7

i say that because before i got pregnant the last time it took me almost a year to get pregnant so when i mentioned it to the dr. about how i know that im ovulating but dont think im releasing any eggs he asked me what made me think that, and i said because i dont have any ewcm so he put me on clomid back then but the weird thing is i got sick so i ended up taking robitussin which happened to be about the same time that i o and i had ewcm and ended up pregnant before i even took the clomid. I guess you can get pregnant it just takes longer.



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