O pain
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Camie - October 2

Those of you on clomid..did you have O pain?
I usually feel pressure with a hard cramp and sharp pain when I O. I didnt feel anything this month...do you always feel O.


Toni - October 2

I don't always feel it. I am on my first round of clomid also, so I am waiting to see what that does. Are you having an u/s to confirm o or at least a prog. blood test? That will tell you better than the pain.


HotRodGurl - October 4

Hi, I finished my first round of clomid on the 22nd of this month and I believe you're supossed to ovulate 7-10 days after you finish the last pill but, it does vary from woman to woman. I didn't know that until yesterday and I found out that I just barely made my mark and today I took an OPK and it came out positive and I've been cramping for the past 3-4 days but here lately it's just discomfort not painful like the beginning. I go to the dr. tomorrow for Progest. levels even though my dr. told me not to come back to see him until the end of this month but, I don't care I wanna know what my levels are at as well as I was told by one of the nurses in my dr. office to come back on my 21st day of my cycle for level check so, that's what I'm gonna do and if he has a problem doing that then I can blame the nurse as well as change drs. because I don't want to continue and waste time and money at one dosage if I need more, you know what I'm saying? So, with all that being said. (Sorry got off topic) Some women do feel ovulation pain and some don't. Find an OPK that clomid doesn't effect the false/positive results on it. Or get a salvia microscope that helps too. and chart your temps. as well as check your CM and everything. don't always rely on cramps. Well, good luck!



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