O on CD 21 with Clomid? Is it Possible?
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~S - November 16

Is it possible to O after the quote "5-10" day time period after you have finished your last pill? It has been close to two weeks since I took my last pill. I took it for the 1st time 50 mg on cd 1-5. I am now on cd 21. I thought this cycle was a bust, but then yesterday I got an almost +OPK and my cm is getting really thin? I usually always have long cycles, because I have PCOS. My ovusoft has me down for ovulating tomorrow, but it doesn't calculate for clomid. What do y'all think?


Mega - November 16

I'd say it's certainly possible. I believe I O'ed on my first dosage of Clomid 50 mgs at CD 19. It's unusual though, I'd think, that you ovulated that late since you took Clomid CD 1 thru 5. My RE says the earlier you take it, the earlier you ovulate. In theory, at least. Maybe you'll respond better/faster to a higher dose? Good luck. HTH!


ALH - November 16

You might want to call and let your doc know. My doc said if i dont o by cd18 to let her know. I too am on clomid 50mg. It wouldnt hurt to let your doc know you might need a higher dose next cycle.


~S - November 16

Thanks y'all! I well I didn't get a line today. Boo! So maybe it was just a freak thing. Who knows? I would think that I would have O'ed earlier as well. I can see cd 19 if you took clomid on cd 5-9. Like you said I took mine early. I guess I will try 100 mg this time. As for my dr, she could careless. I am in limbo right now. The RE wanted my dr to prescribe clomid for a month or two to see if it worked, while I wait for a PCOS study to start. Bummer!



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