O'ed and still no AF
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Suzan - July 15

Hi everyone I have a question. I started my first round of Clomid June 20 I ovulated on June 29,30,1 I was suppose to see AF yesterday and she still has not come to visit yet. I took a HPT on wednesday and it was negative. If I ovulated should I not have seen AF??? also is it possible that I could be pregnant and it was too soon to show (one day before AF)??? I thought with ovulating then i should have seen AF !!! any help would be appreciated! ~~~baby dust~~


Colleen - July 15

Hi Suzan...I will begin Clomid next cycle, but from what I understand, the Clomid can play games with your AF. Maybe you are pregnant and thats why Af is late, or maybe it will be delayed just a day or two..You can ovulate and still not get AF...Good luck!


kj - July 15

Has your doctor done a blood test to confirm that you o'd? I am on my first rouind of clomid and my doc had me go for blood work today (day 21) to confirm that I had o'd. Baby dust!


Suzan - July 15

Hi thanks for responding to my post. I went for blood work the day after I finished my last clomid pill. I know that I ovulated because I had all the symptoms of O. I go and see my doctor on wednesday. I was under the impression that if you O then you will automatically get your AF. I thought that the 2 went hand in hand, and if you don't get it there is either a problem or you are preggu. I guess I can wait until next week and give it some more time and then if I don't start then I can retest. I had heard of woman that were preggu but didn't show up +++ on the HPT.


Lena - July 16

The bloodwork you took one day after completing clomid checked your FSH levels so that your doctor could determine if the clomid stimulated follicular development sufficiently. To check for ovulation your doctor would have ordered a progesterone test 8 days after your suspected ovulation. Ovulation isn't always followed by af. Once you ovulate, the follicle regressed into a corpeus luteum (CL). The CL then begins progesterone production which lasts for approximately 14 days at which time the CL further regresses into a CH. Oftentimes a CL becomes persistant and doesn't regress. Or stimluation of the ovaries can cause a second round of follicles, or a cyst could develop. Any of these would cause AF to be late.



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