Numerous follicles = how many babies?
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Toni - September 30

Who has experience with having numberous follicles and then being pregnant with multiples?


BUMP - October 3



? - October 3

Does anyone know the answer to this question ?


Sophie - October 3

I really have no idea about that, just be patient maybe there somebody else know the answer to your question. have a nice day.


Indie - October 4

Hi, Follicles all start developing initially, then when one ripens, the rest are reabsorbed into the body. If you have too many follicles each cycle and it's uncontrolled you could have polycystic ovaries. This is a condition that would actually decrease your chances of having a mature egg be released. As for numerous follicles resulting in pregnancy, my family has a history of producing two eggs a cycle instead of the normal one. We have a long history of twins in my family. This is a genetic trait passed on in my mother's father's line. If your family has a history of multiples it may be in your genetic make up to have fraternal twins, Also, if you are taking fertility meds, you could be releasing more than one egg. Just remember a follicle doesn't = an egg. That's the best help I can offer. If you are worried, you should see a reproductive endocrinologist and he/she can run some tests.



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