Number of mature follicles on Clomid
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jee2 - May 18

I am on my 4th month of clomid and on day 13 in an ultrasound they found one follicle at 10 mm and on the other ovary at 12mm. On day 16 I had one follicle at 16 and one at 18. Then I had my LH surge on day 17. The doctor said I have PCOS like symptoms and cysts on my ovaries. Does anyone know if these follicles are the right size and is it possible that both follicles ovulated? And what is the normal amount of mature follicles on Comid?


Ann1 - May 18

jee, there really isn't a "normal" number of follies. Some people only get one and another person may have a lot. It also varies cycle to cycle. I did 6 or 7 rounds of clomid. There was a month when I had one follie and another where I had 4. 16mm+ should contain an egg, so it is definitely possible that you Oed from both. If you want to know for sure, ask your dr to do an u/s before the iui (assuming you take a trigger shot and do the iui about 36 hours later). They can tell which follies are Oing or about to O. The dr can also raise your clomid dosage. Women with PCOS I think often require a higher dose.


DB - May 19

My follicles were 14 and 15 on cd14, then on cd16 they were both 20mm and I got my trigger shot that day. So, yours definitely could've matured enough before they were released...


jee2 - May 19

Thank you guys for all your information. I am super happy to hear that I had a good chance of Oing this month. Maybe this month will be it. I have been at this for almost 2 and half years now. It feels like an eternity, but my new RE has given me some hope. Good luck to everyone else trying!!


jee2 - May 22

By the way, for anyone reading this wondering about themselves....I just got a Progesterone blood test done today at my RE and I scored a 17! This means I definitely ovulated! Wooohoo. (Anytthing over 10 is supposed to be a good sign) So the size of these follicles were good enough to ovulate. I still wont know for a week or so if I am pregant! But I sure hope so!!!



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