Nov.16 O'd - Long 2WW, anyone else?
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Vanna - November 18

Hi girlies,
FF tells me I o'd on Nov.16 and that since it was my first month of temping I should wait 18 DPO to test. Seems so far away. I've been TTC for 6 months and want so badly for this to be the month. We've done everything right, so I guess it's just a waiting game now!


cw - November 18

hi Vanna! well i will wait with you. i havent Oed bymelf is 7 months! i was on clomid for 2 cycles and it didnt do anything so they switched me to femara! i think Oed in the past couple of days. i had a little pain and tugging on my left side. i have a day 21 test next friday so hopefully femara worked magic with me :)


Julie - November 18

Hi there! I think I o'd on the 16th too, I'd be happy to wait with you ladies. This is my first month ttc and I'm worried that I am going to get a little obsessive in the next two weeks, so it will be great to have other people to talk to.


cw - November 18

well hi julie! first month ttc. how exciting :) we have been trying since 03/05 for #2. we have a little boy that is almost 7!! is this your first?


Vann - November 18

I hope the next 2 weeks fly for all of us and we end up with the news we so long for! I think I may have a small glass of wine to help me relax tonight, get my mind off of this. I've cut down my caffeine and alcohol consumption this past month in case that was affecting fertility but I think I deserve a treat. We rented some movies for this weekend so I hope that I can just sit back and enjoy the weekend without obsessing about babies.


Julie - November 21

How was everyone's weekend? I hope with Thanksgiving coming up this week, the days will fly by. cw - yes, we are ttc #1. I am hoping for beginner's luck!



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