Not trying to get preg but am afraid I can't.....
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Andysgirl - May 10

I dunno if this sounds really weird or not but I am being paranoid aboutnot being able to get preg. My b/f and I have been together for a little over a year. We have known each other for 4 years and he has asked me to marry him. My question is....what am I gonna do if I can't have a baby? He told me he would love me no matter what and it didn't matter. I just want to be able to experience the whole thing...I also have had a cyst on my uterus or ovarie. I don't know which I went to the doctors for it. I was in pain and come to find out the cyst ruptured...I thought it was appendix. Go figure.

We have been having unprotected sex. Not that often. Before I am suppossed to be having my period we use protection. And if we were to have a baby then so be it we are ready we just haven't planned out anything.

I bought a clue blue ovulating kit from the store and haven't used it yet. I am afraid its too many days into my cycle. I just wanna know when I am ovulating so I can stay better protected during that time....

Actually I am jealous of my sister right now even tho I know I shouldn't be. She is 17 and preg. I am the oldest. I shoulda been the one to have the baby first. lol. She will be 18 in July tho.....

Ne ways back to my questions....I have a basal thermometer but I cannot figure out how to use it. The mercury stuff doesn't move when I use it. I also was wondering how you can tell by ur mucusy stuff....I have been reading about it but what does clear mean? or white? Soory for the bombardment of questions. But thanks to anyone that replies.



A - May 10

How old are you


Andysgirl - May 12

I don't really see what age has to do with anything but I am 20. I am afraid that because I had that cyst that it will affect my chances of getting pg.
After I moved in with my b/f I had a couple of regular periods. And then I miss like 3 months then I have a couple regualr ones then I miss four months and then I get a couple regular ones again. Its annoying and stressfull. Anyways thanx for the help.


Liz - May 12

hmmm, well 1st, if you are using a mercury thermometer be sure to shake it back down before you use it again. I am ttc but have never charted my temps. anyway, it seems that preovulatory temps are usually 97. something and post are usually 98. something. also, just after ovulation you should see a dip in your temp. then it will rise pretty quick. You are to take the temp before you even get out of bed in the morning. 2nd your cervical mucous (CM) clear is exactly that...clear like uncooked egg whites plus slippery and stretchy. "White" to me is actually opaque, cloudy, whitish. The white is usually the precursor to the CM before it turns clear a few days before ovulation. 3rd, I really like the Ovulation Predicor Kits (OPK) myself. pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it. This is kind of gross, but the first month i used it i kept the sticks and dated them just to make sure i was able to detect the change in the lines...which was useful. I bought the Answer OPK form Walmart...was the best price but perhaps more difficult to interpret the lines. No problem now though, i got it down. If you have a pretty much regular cycle, they should be economical and work well for you. As for the cysts and irregularity of your cycles, you may want to go ahead and talk to your doc about those things once you get married. Perhaps you could go ahead and talk to doc anyway and see what his/her feelings on the matter are. This no doubt is the most effective thing to do. I would suggest a book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" it really sounds like it would provide you the kind of information you are needing. Hope some of this helps!


Andysgirl - May 12

Thanx so much....I didn't think anyone was gonna answer me....I think I am gonna buy a digial thermometer. I think it would be easier than the mercury one. I am gonna try the murcury one till I can get the digital one tho. Where can I buy that book at? Also I will talk to the doctor as I can. Its not really a high priority right now as a baby is not something that I am trying for but things happen. If I use the ovulatory tests is it the same day of your cycle that you are most fertile on? My last period started on the 27th of april and ended on the 2nd of may. So do I count the 27th as day 1 of my cycle? Sorry for all the questions don't wanna stress ya out. Thanx Liz!!!



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