Not sure what to expect - IUI
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Marie D - March 17

Hi, I have posted on here a few times before although I am usually a back seat reader! I have a 3 and half month old son, which we conceived naturally and the first month. He is such a joy and was a very good baby that we decided to try for another when he was 3 months old - 3 years and 3 months down the road and still no baby! We have had every test going and apart from the fact that I don't ovulate properly, there is nothing wrong with us. I have been on clomid for the past 18 months and had a m/c last April. We are about to embark on our first round of IUI and wondered what to expect and how all of you have felt going through this. For the first couple of try's we are using clomid days 2-6 and then if that is unsucessful then we will try with injections. I am currently on day 8 and have an ultrasound booked for Tuesday morning to check the follicle sizes and lining of the uterus. Just goes to show that you shouldn't take anything for granted in this life - who would have thought that after having a son naturally and the first month with no problems that it could be this hard to try for another??!


Ann - March 17

Marie, the iuis are very simple. I had mild short cramping on only one of mine so far (due to getting the catheter through the cervix). The others were completely painless. I did 4 iuis on clomid and started injectibles this cycle (iui tomorrow). Good luck with your cycle!


lilly2 - March 18

Marie, hi, i was on clomid last 3 months as we are TTC since last june, had 2 m/c and last cycle on clomid we had first iui.It was cd12 had hcg shot in the morning and iui at 12pm.U/s showed 2 follies, semen was great and lining 8-9mm, but my AF arrived.This month i am for the first time on puregon 50ml injections and i am feeling much better then on clomid.The only side effect was headache.Last friday cd12 had second iui with 4 follies and great semen count, lining 13mm and this iui was ok with no to much pain like last is actually unpleasant b/c catheter has to go trough crevix, but it takes just few seconds.As well this time i have not spottings as nurse used very long and very slim catheter.I hope everithing will go well for you.Good luck and keep us informing.


Mega - March 19

Hi Marie. I just had my 4th IUI yesterday. Only the first one & the 4th one was a bit crampy, but once the cathetar has been removed it's all good. And the cramping, for me at least, is very mild. And I think it depends on who does the IUI too, yesterday was crampier than usual b/c the person doing it is less experience I think. But really, in my book, it's so worth it. The IUI gives the sperm a leg up so to speak by making the distance they have to travel to the egg much less. What was your follie size last u/s? Do you have a date set yet for your 1st IUI? Good luck. Keep us posted. Really, as Ann & lilly2 said, it's a quick, simple not too painful procedure.


Marie - March 19

Thanks for your responses! I have my first ultrasound booked for tuesday and this will be the first time that I will have my follicles measured. I just really hope that they are big enough to go through with the IUI this month. I will be on day 12 tuesday and hopefully from that date they should be able to tell me when I should ovulate and then depending on if I surge the IUI will go ahead around 36 hours after. I am very hopefully and am praying that it works!


Ann - March 20

Good luck, Marie. On cd12, your follies should look good. You may even be ready to go then. Usually they start the checks around cd9 or 10. I had my 6th (I think) iui yesterday, and this is my first month on injectibles. You said you have been on clomid for 18 months?? That is a really long time, if you haven't take a break since your m/c. I've read that every 6 months you should take a month off, because your body builds up immunity to clomid. Good luck on Tuesday!


Marie D - March 22

Well the scan went well. I have 2 follicles on my left ovary measuring about 12.5mm and the consultant said the right one was polycystic. Bit of a bummer, but at least it helps to understand why it has taken so long. I have to start checking for my surge on opk's from Thursday and then call the consultant Friday to let him know if I have surged or not. If not then I will have the hcg trigger shot. Does anyone know anything about the size your follicles should be when the iui is done? I'm really concerned that I read something somewhere that you should have the iui done when the follicles are around 20mm. If I wait until Monday as the consultant is suggesting then my follicles will be around 24.5mm. Will they be too big? Will the potential eggs have died? Sorry I can't seem to find anything on the web about this and is really playing on my mind. It costs so much money that I don't want to miss my small window of opportunity! What I would like to do is have the hcg shot on saturday when my follicles will be about 20.5mm and then go in for the iui monday morning. What does anyone think?


Ann - March 22

Marie, like you said from your scan yesterday, that would put your follicles at 24.5 on Monday, assuming growth of 2mm/day. The problem isn't with them getting too big. The problem is that they may trigger on their own before you do the hcg shot. Some peoples' follicles don't get to 24.5mm before they trigger on their own. All drs are different as to when they give you the trigger. My dr waits until the largest follicle is over 20mm, but I've heard others say as low as 16mm. Will your dr be giving you additional ultrasounds throughout the week? Most drs trigger you and then do the iui 36 hours later, by the way, when you are thinking about scheduling.


Marie - March 25

I have had my first iui this morning after getting a positive on my opk yesterday morning and the afternoon before that. By my calculations the follicles should be about 20.5mm. My consultant said that he could tell I was ovulating as the amount of ewcm!! DH's "sample" was spot on and again he was very pleased with this and said that he was very optimistic. I was expecting it to hurt, but I hardly felt a thing - which made me so relieved! Anyway I am back in the 2ww now and praying and hoping so hard that this is our month!!! Baby dust to each and every one of you (and me!! xx )


Ann - March 25

Congrats Marie! Mega, Lilly2, and I all post on Ladies who doen iui-2 if you would like to join us over there. 4 or 5 of us are in the 2ww right now from iui! I am glad it didn't hurt and that you go to have the iui sooner than Monday.



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