Not sure what's going on/ovulation predictors
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nic - April 17

I have a question. I've just started using ovulation test strips for
first time. On Tuesday, my ultrasound showed 3 follicles, all around
19.5 mm or thereabouts. My doc thought I might ovulate in the next 3
days. On Wednesday through Sunday (today) I've done an ovulation test
each day and the line is faint - meaning the LH surge hasn't happened
yet. Do you guys think I should ask the doc for a ovulation trigger, or
do you think maybe the tests aren't that accurate? If I've had the faint
line for the last 5 days... has that happened with anyone else here? I
don't really know what to expect with these ovulation tests. I don't
know what to do - I don't want this month to be a bust and I'm not even
sure if I'll be able to get an appt to do an U/S to see what's going on...


kelley32 - April 17

I personally don't trust the OPKs, I monitored my CM as well as did an OPK and never got a +, just bd'd every second day until my temperature rise, but got pregnant that cycle anyway. I heard that it is possible to miss the surge, so I would just keep on bd'ing until you're sure you ovulated. Good Luck!



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