Not responding to Clomid
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MonieMarie - October 2

I am ttc #1 and have been diagnosed with PCOS. I have the best RE in my area--she has me on metformin and clomid. This however is my last month she said she is going to try it. I haven't responding to Clomid at 50 or 100 mg, I am getting ready to start 150mg. By not responding I mean I did not develope a single "distinct" follicle, all of them were under 8mm... I was wondering if anyone had experienced this problem but responded to the 150mg. I am desperate because the next step is injectables and my insurance doesn't cover them at all. Thanks and good luck to everyone!


patrizia - October 3

hi marie- i knew how upsetting it is when you dont respon to meds. i am doing injections. my first month i did 2 viales a night !!!!!!! and did not respond at all !!!! now my RE is having me do 2 different kinds of injections---2 viales of each. it is very sad when our body doent respond. try to hang in there !


pmblake - October 3

Hi there! I had the same problem when I was using clomid. I have since graduated to injectables, but when I was having problems w/ clomid (same as you - not even ovulating) I switched to it's generic form called Serophene. Call it freaky but I was even able to get pregnancy using Serophene - not Clomid. You have to be specific. Both pregnancies ended in m/c but I was able to ovulate successfully which was a huge feat for me. Talk to your RE. I only had to use 50mg of Serophene. She may think you're crazy but Serophene is the same ingredients but somehow processed differently. Worth a shot!


gmh - October 3

Hi, I did not respond to Clomid either although I don't have PCOS. Ask your DR. about Femara I did get pollicles with it and it should be cover on your insurance if clomid was.



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