Not Pregnant - Again
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V - November 1

Hey ladies,
So I was four days late, trying not to get me hopes up and this afternoon I started my period. I'm so sad and discouraged. My poor husband said he had a really good feeling about this as I was a bit nausious yesterday. He's upset for the first time. We both don't know what is going wrong, we've been TTC for 6 months now and we are very sexually active and healthy people. How do you keep you spirits high when you are constantly let down every month. Looks like another month of OPK, thermometers etc.. Blah.


Mega - November 1

I'm so sorry. Like probably everyone else on this board, I've been there too. It sucks. It helps though that you have a supportive DH who seems like he wants this as much as you do. Baby yourself for a couple of days. Treat yourself extra nice. If you need a month off or two afterwards, take it. It might renew your resolve. And you know, there may very well be nothing wrong with either of you. I hope that's the case. It just takes time. It sounds like you're doing everything right. I hope your BFP comes very soon. Hang in there!


K - November 1

Hang in there, it could take a year. But I found that it helps to just go ahead and see an RE and get the show on the road. It's much easier knowing that every failed month will bring something new to try.


V - November 2

Thanks girls. I know we're all going through something or other, it's just a big let down every month. I'm trying to be patient and not get frustrated. Appreciating your kind words.
Take care!


suzy - November 3

So sorry. I'm having the same problem today. Very upset. It is good to know that you can share your feelings with others.



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